10 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android and iOS

10 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android and iOS

There are several call recorder apps for Android and iOS which you will find in their various stores. But, the fact that they are numerous means you might find it harder to get the very best.

Having taken our time to research on many call recorder apps on the Android and ios platforms, we have come to the conclusion of what we believe are the best call recorder apps. Are you a business owner, a lawyer, a salesman, or just anyone who has high value for phone conversations? A call recorder app has several uses you probably haven’t thought about.

One, the most obvious use is that you can use it to record calls and save verbal conversations and agreements. Two, these apps can help you focus more on the conversation. Rather than jotting down, call recorder apps help you record every moment of the call which you can later visit.

That said, we will go over to highlight the 10 best call recorder apps for Android and iOS. Have a look.

Keku Call Recorder App 

A telecom establishment, Keku has been in business for more than a decade. The company specialises in providing international mobile services. The Keku call app was recently launched. The app goes beyond recording calls. It also makes and receives calls.

Available on both Android and iOS, Keku is a member of the few apps you will find on both platforms. This is a freemium service. The first 30 seconds of all call recordings are free. However, to record every minute of your call, users have to pay $4.99 each month. Keku offers other bonuses that might interest you. For instance, they have one of the cheapest international call rates. The app is also available on Windows.

CallApp for Android

You might have downloaded this app without knowing it can also record calls. Call App is particularly a call blocking application. It allows users to block phone calls including the annoying telemarketer’s calls.

While the core function of the app is not to record calls, it enables users to easily record incoming and outgoing calls. You can even share the recorded calls on social media platforms which could a great plus.

Call Recorder Unlimited by BP Mobile

Call Recorder and Call Recorder Unlimited by BP Mobile is an Android-based app. It has a feature that allows users to automatically record calls – outgoing and incoming. This app is able to access Google applications including Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can store your recordings on any of the aforementioned cloud platforms. With this app, you can share your recordings via SMS or email.

Call Record NOW for iPhone

This app offers a seven-day trial. Available only on iOS, this app may not be your ideal call recorder app. However, it prioritises security above all else. After the seven day trial, you are expected to make payment if you want to continue using it. It has a flexible payment option which could be monthly or annually. Your recordings are stored for 30 days after which they are deleted.

Call Recorder ACR

Call Recorder ACR is both a free and premium call recording service. ACR means “Another Call Recorder.” This app comes with many convenient features such as a search feature as well as a recycle bin.

With the recycle bin, you can delete a recorded call but still have it in a safe. The call recording is manual, unlike the automatic recording of some apps on the list offer. The premium version of Call Recorder ACR for Android allows users to store the recordings on Google Drive and Dropbox.

Automatic Call Recorder for Android by Appliqato

Just as the name suggests, Automatic Call Recorder is an app that automatically records the user’s phone calls. It works in such a way that users can set it up to records all calls from certain contacts. It also has Google Drive and Dropbox integration for storage. This app may not work with older versions of Android.

iReCall Recorder for Android

The iReCall Recorder app exerts focus on compliance and security. The app has encryption functions such that the calls are coded before they are uploaded on the servers. This app lets you share recordings via email. It can also be set to automatically record calls. iReCall is available on Android and has a 30-day free trial. Thereafter, users will have to pay $1.99 each month to enjoy the app.

Wiz Call Recorder

The Wiz Call Recorder is an Android-based app. It is free to use. However, users will have to be content with several ads on display.

This is a manual call recording app. The Wiz Call Recorder app works in such a way that you can start recording with the press of a button. You can also record calls by adjusting the volume button. You can record multiple times on a single call. The app also allows users to share on email and WhatsApp.

TapeA Call

TapeACall allows users to record phone calls even after the call has begun. You can also set it up to record incoming calls before picking it. This app allows you to share your recordings via social media including Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can also share via SMS. The TapeACall app is available in 45 countries and 28 languages.

Call Recorder for Android by Quality Apps

This is another call recorder app that can be used free. As long as you are okay with the adverts, you will enjoy the free service. Alternatively, you can pay the premium $4.49 a month to have an ad-free app.

It offers a smart automatic recording feature. Also, you have a search feature to reach a contact on your log fast. The Call Recorder app also offers storage and sharing options including Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype, SMS, and Facebook.

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