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10 Best Fake Location Apps for Android and iOS

10 Best Fake GPS Apps for Android and iOS

GPS (Global Positioning System) has become standard on smartphones. The GPS is used to get the device or user’s exact location. Most smartphones in 2019 have built-in GPS. Even with that, there are several best fake location apps that are available on both Android and iOS.

GPS works with other apps including Facebook, Maps, Uber, and more. It allows you to navigate your way; to reach point B from point A. However, in the same way, that you can use GPS apps, you can also use fake GPS apps on Android and iOS devices. In this post, I will be showing you some of the Best Fake GPS Apps for Android and iOS.

Best Fake Location Apps for Android and iOS

What is a fake Location app for Android and iOS?

A fake GPS or location app works exactly like a GPS app. The only difference is just that it gives a different location other than the location where the user or device is. The user can choose whichever location suits him or her.  A fake GPS also comes useful in that a user can access certain websites and contents that may be restricted to his location.

With a fake GPS app, there are no limits or restrictions whatsoever. For the great benefits of using fake GPS apps, we have compiled a list of the best fake GPS apps for Android and iOS users. Take a look.

  1. Fake GPS Location by Hola

Fake GPS Location by Hola

Developed by Hola and specially made for Android users, Fake GPS location is easily one of the best fake GPS apps you can use.it gives you free and unlimited fake locations, you can use it to fool your friends and relatives by sharing your present fake location. This app also comes with a chat feature.

  1. Fake GPS Run

Fake GPS Run

Fake GPS Run is another great app among the best fake location apps for android users. This easy to use app allows you to teleport your mobile device in any location while sharing with your friends. Like the Fake GPS location by Hola, the Fake GPS Run also has the feature of sharing one’s present fake location with friends.

  1. Fake GPS

Fake gps

As another android focused GPS app, Fake GPS is developed by Mappstreet. It provides you with the chance to change your location to anywhere in the world. This app also has a chat feature which can be used to chat with strangers.

  1. Fake GPS Location Changer

This fake GPS app is available for Android users. It is free to use and can set your location to a geographical area in the world. What this app does is that it overwrites your current location and places a layer of another location. It is a good prank app.

  1. VPNa

This is one of the popular fake GPS apps for android users. Regarded as Virtual Phone Network Application, the VPNa goes beyond choosing any location in the world. It goes further by giving you the option to save previous locations so you can use them at a later time.

  1. Fake GPS 360

This is another popular fake GPS app that lets you change your location via your smartphone. One of the strengths of this app is that you don’t necessarily have to use your smartphone GPS. You can just lace coordinates without the internet and the app will get the location.

  1. Find Location by MagicPocket

As a popular fake GPS app on iOS, the Find Location GPS app allows you to create a temporary location which you can share with friends and family. This app, unlike others, allows you to set your permanent location and your temporary location i.e. real and fake locations.

  1. Fake GPS by iCubemedia

This app was developed by iCubemedia Inc. It allows you to visit every location of the universe. It has a hare button for family and friends. It is available on iOS and can easily search and select urban locations from around the world.

  1. Spoofer Go

Spoofer Go is one of the most popular best fake location apps on Android and iOS. It is a premium service that gives users permission to locate anywhere in the world. It has an excellent user interface. It can search a location by pressing on the map icon. It is a very fast app.

  1. Change My Location

This iOS app allows iOS users to change locations as they wish on their devices. It is bent toward fun and pranks. It can help you hide your current location while sharing the fake one with your friends on social media platforms.



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