10 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone to listen and stream songs


Here are the best Free Music Apps for iPhone to listen to music on your iPhone. Music is food to the soul. Music is a medicine to the body but not all of it comes free, especially for iPhone users. iPhone users are always subjected to the pains of paying to access almost anything on the app store.

If you are one of the persons that would want to learn how to listen and stream music with your iPhone, then continue reading this article. In this post, I will be revealing the 10 best apps you can use today to stream and listen to music with your iPhone. Without much talk, come with me.

Best Free Music Apps For iPhone



Developed by tech giants Microsoft, groove comes in handy for anyone who wants to listen to free music on their iPhone. The app is integrated with OneDrive which is one of the best cloud storage platforms. What you do is download music from the internet to your computer and upload it on OneDrive and then you can listen to it from your Groove app.

With the Groove app, you can then download the song and listen to it offline without internet on your phone. OneDrive offers 15GB of storage.



Trebel is a download and plays music app. You can decide not to burn more data streaming the song. The app works on a reward system. In reward for coins, you are made to watch ads. When the coins are accumulated, they are used to download music files which can then be listened to anytime. You can also transfer all your previously purchased music from iTunes to the app and listen to it.

  1. MUSI


The Musi app allows you to play music from Youtube directly. There is a search tab on the app that helps you discover any type of songs you want. You can find songs by genre, trends and most played. The app also has the features of a normal music player.

The app does not allow you to save videos locally but with a simple copy and paste of the link of an existing youtube playlist, you can import all the music to the Musi app

  1. MusiCloud


This app does not allow you to download music but it very effective for streaming music from cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Once you are done uploading your music to the storage platform of your choice, you can go ahead to play and listen to them offline using the MusiCloud app.

  1. 8Tracks


The app is called 8Tracks because the online mix lasts a minimum 30 minutes, that’s about eight tracks. The app has a nice feature that makes you listen to different music at different moods. When you sign up for a free account, you can browse mixes and enjoy tons of music.

  1. SoundTube

SoundTube is both a music streaming app and a music player. It has been hailed as one of the best music apps out there. When you stream, the app helps you enjoy the best music and genres and as a music player, you can enjoy background music playback, repeat mode, and shuffle.

  1. Free Music Ninja

The Free Music Ninja also helps you connect to Youtube like the music app. You can search for music very quick and it has a continuous playback and background mode. You can even search music by hashtag. You cannot use the app to listen to music offline though.

  1. Spotify


Spotify is not a new name in the music niche, it is one of the Best Free Music Apps for iPhone and Android devices. It is unarguably one of the best apps out there. Free users can use it to find, hear playlist and listen to tunes featured Spotify.

You can stream by mood, genre and by popular stations. The disadvantage of the free version is the presence of adverts and it also doesn’t allow for saving offline.

  1. Deezer


Deezer’s most astonishing feature is the “hear this” that customizes a personalized music feed for you based on your previous most played tunes. It also adds other tunes that are related to what you listen to always. Free users cannot listen to music offline with this app.

  1. PindropMusic


This app allows you to listen to what people are listening around. The app keeps you trending. You can also get optimized pin drops from other users and follow different playlist from them. Artists can also use the app to promote their works.

There you have it,  the ten best free music apps for iPhone you can download today and listen to music on your iPhone. Don’t forget to check out other great posts.



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