10 Best Scanner Apps for Android

Best Scanner Apps for Android

Remember back in the day when you needed to have a traditional desktop scanner or printer before you could scan documents?

Well, you don’t have to do that any more. There are mobile apps that can easily scan and print documents for you. We’ll be looking at the 10 best scanner apps for Android today.

It’s even ironic when you consider the fact that scanning with your mobile is even faster than the bulky desktop scanner. Most people couldn’t even afford those scanners, they literally have to visit a cyber cafe to get it done for a price.

Best Scanner Apps for Android

Let’s check out the list now.

1. Google Drive

This is an online cloud storage app from Google Inc. Google Drive is a safe haven for all your important files and documents. There is an in-built scanning feature in this app which lets you use your device camera to scan paper documents.

2. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is used to scan and save documents and files. It turns your device into a powerful PDF scanner that’s portable. Adobe Scan supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which helps to sharpen scanned contents and recognize texts. It’s easy to see why it takes a spot on the 10 Best Scanner Apps for Android.

3. Clear Scan

Clear Scan

Clear Scan is a free document and PDF scanning app. It allows you to scan images into PDF documents using a mobile camera. These images come out in high quality and clear texts. The PDF files can be printed via Cloud Print. You can even backup or restore your important files and documents. This app is definitely a must-have on Android.

4. vFlat

vFlat is your go-to mobile book scanner. It scans your books quickly and turns it into an e-book. Imagine having to destroy your books anymore, by just saving them on the cloud. The process of combining scanned pages into an e-book is quite fast. The app features better image enhancement and page flattening.

5. Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens

This scanning app is from the stable of Microsoft. Office Lens is a portable PDF scanner used to scan documents and whiteboard images. It was named the “Best App” of 2015 in the U.S. by Google Play. You can use this Office Lens to convert images into Microsoft Word, PDF or PowerPoint files. These files can then be saved to a local device, OneDrive or OneNote as you wish.

6. Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan

With over 10 million downloads on Google playstore, Fast Scanner deserves a spot in the 10 Best Scanner Apps for Android. The app turns your device into a portable and powerful scanner. You can email the scanned document/file with just one button.

7. Smart Doc Scanner

Smart Doc Scanner

Smart Doc Scanner lets you use your camera to capture and enhance documents. These documents shared or saved as PDF or DOC. The app supports Optical Character Recognition(OCR) with over 40 languages when converting image to text.

8. TurboScan

With this TurboScan on your device, you have a full-featured and powerful document scanner. The SureScan tool in the app requires you take three different pictures of the document. The tool will then process it into one, making it sharper and clearer especially in low-light conditions.

9. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner can scan anything you want into PDF whether it’s a document, photos, receipts, reports, just name it. The app can scan in colour, grey-scale or black and white. The edges of the page are detected automatically and so many other features.

10. CamScanner

CamScanner is regarded as one of the world’s leading mobile scanning app. It is quite popular on Google playstore with over 100 million downloads. Scanned files can be shared into PDF or JPEG formats.

This is the top 10 Best Scanner Apps for Android. It won’t hurt to have one of these scanning apps on your device as your go-to scanner. Their file size is essentially not large, so you don’t have to worry about it taking much of your storage space.


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