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Here we discussed some of the Best texting apps for Android. Smartphones help us to communicate with friends, family etc. Texting Apps have helped to reshape the world. People can now do virtually almost everything through texting Apps ranging from a voice call to a video call etc. It is one of the easiest ways of communicating with people all around the globe. Although most people prefer the conditional way of talking via phone, messaging Apps will help you to communicate in places where is no network or in places where the network is too slow.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top best texting Apps on Android that are easier to use.

Below is the list of best texting Apps that you can use. Most of them are free to use while few are paid. You can choose any of them as they have proven to be reliable.


Android Message-best texting apps for Android Smartphone

Google own texting app and it is loaded in pixel phones and other phones too. This is one of the best texting Apps on Android that you can use. It is a new messaging App with lots of features that will give you the comfort you desire. It is just like google duo. It is simple and easy to use. You can use this app to share photos, make a video call, make voice calls. It also allows you to share a cool video with your friends.



This is a clean App with a good user interface. This App is currently competing with google app in terms of unique features. It is an app with great features. There is lots of customization in this app with various theme colours, notifications and per contact setting. This app ranks high among the best texting apps for Android. It looks amazing in iPhone. If you are an iPhone user, I suggest that you try this app. It is easy and quick to use. There are built-in SMS scheduling, quick replies and quick messaging features in this app.



Chomp App is one of the best texting apps for Android. It has been around since the good old days. This app runs smoothly on almost all devices. It is a simple and easy app to use. You don’t need to worry about your battery when using this app as it does not drain so much battery. The app offers you the option of putting a password in the App so that no other person can have access to the App. There are still other great features in this app like; a great blacklisting and SMS blocking system, quick reply in the notifications, MMS, and group messaging.


This is one of the newer texting Apps among the best texting apps for Android on this list. It does not have too many features but you will find the features that you need in this App. It gives you lots of customization features, it enables GIFs sharing, location sharing etc. It also has a messaging service. One unique feature about this app is that its users can message each other without using SMS.


This app enables you to do lots of customization. It is an app with great features. There is a password protective feature where you can set your password so that no other person can have access to your messages. It is currently competing with google app as the best messaging app. Pulse app allows you to share messages to all your other devices – from tablet to your computer.

If you are a type that uses multi devices, I will recommend this app as one of the best texting apps for Android. The only disadvantage of this App is that it is a paid app. Pulse app is one of the few apps that have implemented the Android Oreo’s notification settings which allows users to set individual notification tones and settings on a per-conversation basis.



Another wonderful app that you can use.  The app has been available for some time now. It has some amazing features like dual sim support. This app also comes with lots of personalized themes that allows you to change the look of your App.  This app also comes with a protective feature that allows you to protect your messages. It is one of the few Apps that comes with a pop-up feature that allows you to reply messages quickly. Go SMS Pro is one of the best SMS blocker apps that I have seen. You can use the App to backlist contacts easily.


This App has been around for a long time now. It is one of the best messaging apps which keeps improving every day. This is why one of its features is called “Hand cent Anywhere”. It is an app with lots of features like the night mode which allows you to read SMS in the night without straining your eyes. It also comes with pop up feature which gives you flexibility when reading. There are lots of wonderful themes that you can still see in this app.


Although most people don’t rank it as one of the best apps to use. But it is still another app that you can take a look at. Although it uses tons of battery, storage and ram size. But it is one of the apps that have cool features. You can use the app to chat, do video call etc. One of the advantages of using this app is that many people use this app so you can use it to reach as many people as possible.


The app has been around for some years.  As the name sounds, it utilizes speed. One of the fastest apps with tons of features. You can enter into a conversation and go out without been bogged down. It is one of the reliable apps and it is completely free to use.


Another cool app to use. This App supports group chats, complete MMS support, schedule message sending. It comes with a premium version. If you buy the premium version, you will be able to get some cool features like SMS backlisting, auto-forwarding, auto responder etc. In general, it is a great app to use.

These are some of the best texting apps that you can use. I hope you make the right choice. If this article was helpful to you, drop your comment below


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