How to Get 10GB of data for N1 on Camon 16 Premier SIMO App

SIMO 10GB of data on Camon 16

If you just purchase the Camon 16 Premier, it is good to know that you can get 10GB of data for N1 on your Camon 16 Premier SIMO app. If you’re interested in that, then continue reading.

The SIMO app is a virtual e-SIM compatible platform. It partnered with SMILE to provide mobile data access to millions of Africans at an affordable rate. They (SIMO) are also in business with arguably Africa’s leading phone company – TECNO. And as such, SIMO is giving out 10GB of data for just N1 to those who purchased the new Tecno Camon 16 Premier. The SIMO app is preinstalled in the Camon 16 Premier as a virtual e-SIM app. It also doesn’t require an internet connection from your physical SIM.

How to Get 10GB of data for N1 on Camon 16 Premier SIMO App

SIMO 10GB of data on Camon 16
  • On your Tecno Camon 16 Premier app drawer, locate and open the SIMO app. Ensure that you’re connected to a Wi-Fi.
  • Once the app opens, either Signup or login your account. You can log into your account either via email or phone number.
  • At the bottom of the dashboard, you’ll see a banner displaying the “1NGN Get 10GB”. Click on it.
  • Then click the “BUY NOW” button to buy SIMO 1NGN get 10GB data. It will take you to the payment section.
  • Choose your preferred payment option. Enter the necessary information, confirm and make payment.
  • Once your payment is successful, you will get the SIMO 10GB Data instantly.

This offer validity is from the 8th of September 2020 to 8th of October 2020. So hurry now. It is a one time offer, meaning every Camon 16 Premier device only has ONE chance to get 10GB data. It doesn’t matter if there are two people using the same device. The validity period of the 10GB data is “15 days”.

Note: You can get 50MB free trial data for the first time when you sign up with SIMO. This offer is only available for Nigerian SIMO users that purchase a Camon 16 Premier device fully registered in Nigeria.


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