Iphone 7 goes live at Apple’s event today

Apple biggest and most anticipated device is launching today in San Francisco, united state of America.After rains of rumor that has been going on about the iPhone 7 and 7 plus since the beginning of the year ,the wait for the biggest device of the year is finally over.
If information available to our desk is anything to go by then, then the iPhone 7 might debut with a lightning earbuds meaning they will connect through the same port you use to charge the device.
Earlier in the  year there are various rumor that Apple is planning to kill the standard audio jack and from the look of things, the device might in a few hours from now launch without the 3.5mm audio jack . But what about a the possibility of a dongle that will work with the old headphone?
The device is expected to launch with at least iPhone 7 goes live today at Apple’s event2GB and a large 256GB of memory.
Here are what to expect tomorrow
Better camera
One thing is sure the upcoming iPhone 7 will have better camera and there will be pro version with a dual camera. Many brands have already tried their hands in the dual camera technology which helps to improve low light technology. The world patiently await what iPhone will be offering in the camera department. The brand was once a shining light in phone photography but have recently lagged behind Samsung. Will iPhone retain its top position?
Different colours
The iPhone 7 will be available in more than one colour and there have innumerable leaks that there exist a matte black variant.
Powerful processor.
The iPhone 6 was known for its super powerful A9 chip set.The iPhone 7 is boasted to come with A10 chip set which will be more powerful than the A9.
Large memory
The iPhone will come with huge memory and there won’t be a 16GB version any more. The device could go as having up to 256GB of onboard memory.
So what is your expectation of the iPhone 7 devices launching today .
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