Samsung might lose $1Billion following Galaxy Note 7 recall


Following the sad recall of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung might be facing a $1 billion hit, as a result of the explosions of the Note 7 battery caused by the battery cells. They have stopped sales and have promised to replace the phones, apologising and accepting blames for their mistake..

The Wall Street Journal and The Korea Herald both reported that the batteries involved were manufactured by Samsung SDI. Batteries made by another supplier, Amperex Technology, which were used in devices for China and Hong Kong, were not impacted by the same issue.

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galaxy note 7

According to WSJ, 65 per cent of Galaxy Note 7 batteries were Samsung parts, with the remainder from Amperex. The Korea Herald suggested that Samsung SDI batteries will be dropped for the Galaxy Note 7, and that a third vendor may be added to the supplier roster in the not too distant future.

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Galaxy Note 7 meme

galaxy note 7galaxy note 7

As much as Samsung is was loved by many, this is definitely going to tell on the A lister brand. There have been different memes concerning Samsung devices, and this might just be their end. We however hope that Samsung would stay strong and remain on top. 

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