What Samsung is saying about the Samsung Note 7 explosion

Exploded Samsung Note 7 battery issues

The Samsung Note 7 was the Prince of the jungle on its release, as everyone wanted to have a taste of it. Everyone thought it was okay to just ‘famz it’ even though they won’t be using it. I had a friend who only wanted to strike a pose with the Samsung Note 7, now, the reverse is the case. Samsung has been wrecked with the Samsung Note 7

How beautiful the Samsung looked

Samsung Note 7


The exploded Samsung Note 7

samsung note 7 exploded

Samsung has claimed the  Samsung Note 7 devices have blown up due to battery cell issues. Everything was going great for the brand as sales were booming higher than a rocket, sales so high that even Samsung had to slow down on the orders. The sudden turn around happened when customers started to upload pictures of their devices being blown up while being charged. Well over 50 people had the same complaints from different parts of the world. If this kind of ‘glorious turn around had happened in Nigeria, you can be sure people will refer to it as witchcraft.lol

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Amidst all of the chaos and saga, I must commend Samsung on how they have handled the issue. They accepted responsibilities, apologized, stopped sales and called for their products to be changed. It is sad because I can say Samsung has never experienced this amount of loss. Though some competing brands might find this really cool, I do hope they learn a thing or two from Samsung note 7 issues.

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