7 Nigerians social media made popular in 2016


7 Nigerians that became so popular on social media in 2016

Social media made 7 Nigerians famous in  2016, despite the economy recession that plagued the country, which made it hard for people to afford a -three square meal a day, they were actually smiling to the bank thanks to their sudden rise to stardom on social media.

One powerful tool that many people are using these days to get out of recession is internet and social media. Nigerians are everywhere now on social media, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, name it we are there. No wonder many came so hard on NCC when they attempted to increase the price of data. But out of many Nigerians, social media made famous seven people and they no doubt thanking their lucks.

There so many social media made famous influencers in Nigeria with large number of followers  that are using the social media as tool to fend for themselves and their families while many people are still waiting to get a white collar jobs. The truth is, these social media made famous Nigerians are making more money than an employee will make in an oil company in a month. Yes it’s true. I have a friend making more than 200k in a week just by the use of social media while many are sitting in the comfort of their home waiting for that job that may never come. You can start building your profile now, it’s never too late and luck may shine on you too next year.

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MMM and Ultimate cycler emergence in 2016

The year 2016 also saw the rise of many Ponzi schemes and money doubling schemes in Nigeria, popular among them are MMM, ultimate cycler, get help, icharity, Givers Forum, Cloud Rising. Many Nigerians said they are using them to get of poverty that the economy recession has brought into the country. In fact according to Alexa, MMM and Ultimate Cycler are among the most visited websites in Nigeria right now.

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So back to my main topic of today, I am not writing this post to show you how to make money on the internet or social media, it’s a topic for another day. But I will be talking about Nigerians that the social media made famous in 2016. The list goes thus

  1. Olajumoke Orisaguna

Olajumoke Orisaguna or Jumoke Sunday (born 1989 in Ire, Osun State) is a Nigerian who received public attention when she appeared on the cover of a magazine before she was employed as a model. The story was reported in various media sources, including CNN.

TY Bello took a photo of her with her bread on her head. She took to social media to share the picture. And that was it. With the help of social media and TY Bello, Olajumoke was suddenly transformed from a bread seller to a brand seller, a known model, a social media sensation with many brand endorsements.









2.  Rahama Sadau

The 22 year old Business Administration graduate of Kaduna Polytechnic joined the Hausa movie industry Kannywood in 2013 and is one of the few Hausa on-screen characters who speaks Hindi fluently.








Only few people knew her Not until it was reported on social media that an Hausa actress was suspended from their movie industry because she hugged a guy in a music video. Maybe those behind the suspension felt it would mar her career. But as god will have it, she got featured in EbonyLife TV and she was also invited into Hollywood and her popularity has been increasing everyday. She made our list of social media made famous for 2016.

3.  Emmanuella Samuel

Emmanuela Samuel

Seven years old, Emmanuella came into limelight after one of her comedy skits – this is not my real face o – went viral, has now been featured on CNN.

Social media has really helped the popularity and growth of this young kid. Her video was one of the most watched videos in 2016 in Nigeria. She is now a household name in Nigeria, a rising star to look out for in 2017, and definitely a worthy nominee on the list of social media made famous in 2016.

4. Bobrisky

According to Wikipedia, Bobrisky (born Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju) is a Nigerian entrepreneur who is known for his social media presence, especially Snapchat. He became recognized by being highly controversial on social media. Bobrisky was able to gather traffic to his Snapchat account when he claimed he had a lover who is assumed to be male even though he only refers to the person as “bae”. He likes dressing up as a woman, wears makeup and has had his skin whitened.

Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Anglophone West Africa, said Bobrisky was most searched individual from October 26 to November. Can you imagine that! Personally I don’t like his activities on social media but like it or not, he is a crowd puller and social media sensation.He deserves a mention on the list of social media made famous for 2016.

5. Abdulahi Olatoyan

Abdulahi Olatoyan, who is a university dropout in his early thirties, turned to the streets of Abeokuta dressed in suit to wash car windscreen instead of staying at home doing nothing. His stunning dress while doing the menial job caught the attention of people and he immediately became so popular on social media.

Luck shined on him when label’s designer Uche Nnaji posted on Instagram that Olatoyan could come work at his company, and listed seven reasons why he deserved the job. He asked his 18,000 followers to help track down the elegant squeegee man. He has since got a job with this clothing company and he was also featured on CNN. He is another person on the social media made famous in Nigeria for 2016.

6. Woli Arole

He is a comedian who was only known on Instagram by this time last year, but presently he’s becoming a popular face outside social media with his prophetic declarations comedy. His style of comedy is “prophetic declarations” which has made his likeability grows higher. He now rolls with the big boys in Nigerian comedy scheme. He is definitely one of the social media made famous in 2016 in Nigeria.

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7. Daniel Nwosu

Daniel Nwosu

Born to Nigerian parents in America is a rapper and inspirational speaker who joined YouTube in March 2016 and ever since then his profile has been rising. He has been able to touch many lives and wowed Nigerians with his inspiring life teachings and motivational talks. His another social media made famous in 2016 in Nigeria.

These are my list of Nigerians that social media made famous in 2016. If you know of anyone that also hit it big through social media in 2016, don’t hesitate to share here by commenting below.I will immediately update this post to include the person. Don’t forget to use the internet positively and stay safe and Share this post with your friends on social media.

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