Simple ways to create Facebook yearinreview 2016 Video

As the year is gradually winding down, many organisations and brands are finding ways to connect with their fans. One brand that is leading the way is Facebook. Facebook is giving its users the opportunity to share their most memorable moments of 2016 with the Facebook yearinreview. Many Facebook users are already sharing their Facebook yearinreview 2016 videos but we learnt that not everybody has the year in Review video created for them by Facebook. So what can be done in case you do not get the Facebook year in review video? So here i will show you how locate and create your own Facebook year in review video

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Facebook year in review

Facebook year in review video can be edited before sharing

The Facebook yearinreview video has up to 10 pictures as suggestion but you can replace them with other pictures you were tagged in or uploaded over the year.  Facebook allows its users to edit their “Year in Review” before it’s published. You can also adjust the privacy settings to specify who sees your #YearInReview Video’ upon sharing, or keep it private altogether. Once published, users can always go back to the “Year in Review” page and change the selection of photos again. This is cool right? Because many people on Facebook were just sharing the one created for them by Facebook not knowing they can edit it.So Make your own story appealing and creative like Chewbacca Mom.

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How can I get my YearinReview 2016 video?

The year in review video 2016 by Facebook is a compilation of the most important photos you uploaded in 2016. So if you don’t get yours, go to your News Feed to locate it. You can also see your Facebook YearinReview by visiting in review or by clicking a friend’s Year in Review, scrolling down and clicking “Watch Yours” Year in Review. Only you can see your Year in Review, unless you choose to share it.

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Here’s what Facebook sent to me

Omotimehin, we made a video for you to look back at some moments from 2016. From all of us at Facebook, we hope you enjoy it.

Facebook yearinreview

I can’t find my YearInReview Video 2016

If you can’t find your Facebook yearinreview video in your News Feed, go to your Facebook page and follow the instruction settings where you will find the REQUEST button, click on it to speed up the process of creating your own.

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