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Nokia said it plans to demonstrate a spectrum access system that will enable operators in the U.S. to use shared spectrum. The spectrum is expected to enhance the building and outdoor of 4G coverage while reducing the cost of operation. This has birth the Nokia 5G network.

Nokia 5G

“We have defined a technology path to 5G that will allow operators to deliver enhancements in capacity and speed and take advantage of the new possibilities created by the connected world,” said Hossein Moiin, the chief technology officer of Nokia’s Mobile Networks business group, in a press release highlighting its plans during the confab. “While mobile broadband demand will continue to be driven by use of ultra-high definition video, the ever-growing number of connected machines as well as the need for low-latency and ultra-reliable networks will drive the creation of new opportunities for mobile communications networks.”

Making Big Bets on Nokia 5G for Its Future

With Nokia and other telecom players struggling in a saturated handset market, they have been looking for new areas of growth, and one is 5G, which Nokia is focusing on in a big way. Earlier this month, Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri said 5G will play a key role in the adoption of the Internet of Things [Io, devices that connect to the internet and can communicate with each other—and that Nokia plans to be a leader there.

“With the [IoT], billions of devices are connected. Everybody, everything is connected. All of those is enabled by 5G because when 5G was conceived, the idea was to be able to have a technology that enables many, many things to be connected,” said Suri. “So I think 5G enables IoT. And IoT brings time back to people like us, consumers. We will get more time. We will get more productivity in our lives. But more importantly, there will be a lot of productivity coming to various kinds of companies in various sectors.”

The way Suri sees it, Nokia’s dominate position in 4G and its plan with Nokia 5G position the company to benefit from the growth of the IoT market. Suri argued Nokia is the leader in 4G around the world with more than 30% market share, which puts it in a good position to “lead the industry” when it comes to Nokia 5G.

While we all look forward to Nokia plan for mobile manufacturing comeback next year, the Nokia 5G deployment will in no doubt re-position the company .



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