Is BUHARI Dead or Alive becomes second most searched Google Phrase


There has been tension in the country since President Buhari left the country for London for Medical check up. Few days after he left, there were rumours flying around about Buhari’s death which the presidential spokesmen Femi Adesina immediately debunked to be untrue. It all seems that the word of assurance from him did not prove to be adequate to quieten the anticipation of Nigerians as many took to Google to get more facts if President Buhari is dead or alive.

Not too long after the word from Femi Adesina indication emerged on Thursday that the second most searched phrase on Google is “Is Buhari dead or Alive”. One would wonder why people are searching for if President Buhari is dead or alive. Could it mean that Nigerians are so much concerned about Buhari’s heath? I want to believe so.

Is Buhari Dead or Alive

I took to Google trend to check what people are actually searching for about President Buhari heath and I was shocked with all the phrases I saw. You won’t believe that some people were actually asking Google when did president Buhari died? Is  Buhari dead or Alive? Buhari died in London? I was like what are these people thinking? Chai!!! Is Google now God of information to be asked this kind of thing? I won’t be surprised to see one day people ask Google if their Girlfriends are cheating on them or not. Sounds so funny right? Believe it or not people ask Google lot of funny questions now that many people are not using smartphones.

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is buhari dead or alive google trend

Not to take anything from Google, they have been working on couple of artificial intelligence that could make searches more accurate. In fact, you can now tell Google to call a particularly contact on your phone, play a song or video, get directions, send text messages, schedule meetings, ask questions and even open an application through voice by touching the microphone Icon on Google search on your android phone.

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Google Trend reported that over 100,000 people searched for “Is Buhari Dead?” while “Is Buhari Dead or Alive is currently the second most searched Google phrase in Nigeria with over 2000+ searches , Buhari dies in London has over 5000+ searches-another shocking phrase people are searching for on Google. An attempt to get the states where these searches are coming from, revealed Rivers on number one follow by Lagos- Rivers People I hail thee una no dey carry last.

buhari dead or alive

Meanwhile the president has said that he is alive in his Twitter tweet and what is needed now are prayers for his quick recovery. See Baba enjoying himself watching Channels TV.



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