Razer Project Valerie Laptop-World’s First three-Screen Laptop


Razer Project Valerie Laptop is world’s first three -screen laptop-Everything you need to know here

At CES 2017 today, Razer unveiled a prototype three –screen laptop called Project Valerie. It’s the first laptop with such attribute –this could change the way we play games and interact with our laptop. One would ask what the need for a three-screen laptop? But According to Yahootech, the Razer Project Valerie would allow for immersive gaming experiences. Say hello to the world’s first three –screen laptop; Razer Project Valerie laptop.

Razer Project Valerie

At the CES 2017 currently taking pace in the city of Las Vagas, different innovations in technology have been unveiled but the one that will remain a talking point through the event is the Razer newest laptop which is called Project Valerie.

Razer has been known for quality cool PC accessories like mouse and Keyboard but the unveiling of the world’s first three screen laptop is the most ambition foray into the tech world ever by the company because no one has ever taught doing something like this before.

Razer Project Valerie Laptop features

The Razer Project Valerie laptop boasts of improved minimalistic design and hard-core gaming processors compared to previous Razor’s laptop. The new Razer project Valerie laptop packs 17.3-inch 4k (11520 x 2160) main screen display which is flanked on both sides by additional two 17.3-inch screens. According to Razer, it’s the world’s first portable three screen monitor. The additional two screens pop up automatically without any adjustment from user and they also have 4K display.

In terms of graphical processor, the Razer project Valerie laptop didn’t disappoint as it comes with the very best for laptop-the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card which are VR-ready, exceeding the recommended specs of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

Watch the video here

How much will the Razer Project valerie laptop cost?

The laptop is still in its prototype stage, therefore, no word has been said about the pricing  for the laptop.

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