10 Top features of the Tecno Phantom 6 you will love


After all the suspense and the buzz in the media about the Tecno Phantom 6 being the slimmest dual back camera phone, and most beautiful device ever from the company. I bought the device barely a month ago and after I have been able to put it to enough use, here are my ten reasons the Phantom 6 will be your best buy this season.

Beautiful metallic design

A lot of attention was given to the aesthetics of the Tecno phantom 6, it is sleek as I would like a phone to be, hence the name ‘Beauty’. The device can perfectly into your pocket or wallet. The design is created from top aluminium material which gives the phone a unique finish it’s a beauty to behold.

Light and beautiful

It’s no doubt that the Tecno phantom 6 epitomizes beauty, no wonder it’s being tagged the beauty. Everybody who saw it in my hand eventually fell in love  with the device and the most interesting part is, it’s very light that at times I forget is in my pocket. We all love light devices because they are easy to pick up and hold in the hands. The Phantom 6 will amaze you with it beauty, give it a try.

Slimmest dual back camera phone

The Tecbo Phantom 6 is Tecno’s first dual back camera phone and it has been dubbed as the slimmest. The device which measures 6.15mm in thickness has been crafted with precision to arrive at an unbelievably thin device. Hahaha, say hello to the word’s slimmest dual back camera phone.

Tecno Phantom 6

Great depth of field and refocusing

The phone is blessed with two cameras (13MP+5MP) at the back. The 5MP adds a kind of bokeh effect and can also refocus-meaning you can change the focus of a photo when you use the refocus mode in the view finder on the camera. This is a picture taken with the Phantom 6 refocus mode.

Tecno Phantom 6

Good 8MP selfie shooter

The 8MP front camera on the device takes good and well detailed photos. For the selfie lovers, the Tecno Phantom 6 won’t disappoint you, I am particularly impressed with the details I got from the camera Check some sample pictures from front camera.

Tecno Phantom 6

Swap background of any photo without using any application

The refocus mode on the Tecno Phantom 6 not only allow you to refocus your photo, it can also swap the background of pictures taken using the refocus mode. Now this is interesting because at times we take some pictures with messy background, and we all wish we could find a way to get rid of it instantly. On the Tecno Phantom 6, you don’t need any app to achieve this, you can swap the background without stress on the device. Isn’t this cool?

Immersive AMOLED display

Everything that displays on the 5.5-inch full HD Amoled screen pops up an immersive colourful which is very bright and sharp. It’s the best display for media consumption.

Beautiful interphase with android 6.0 marshmallow

The device runs on Android Marshmallow with an overlay of HIOS which is the most beautiful interphase version of the HiOS I have seen from TECNO. It’s themed with gold and dark colour which enhances its look and that of the icons.

Great sound quality

The sound quality of the speakers impresses me a lot. It’s loud and comes with lot of base and the beautiful part  is that there’s a Boom max equalizer that totally change your music experience when you plug in the cute headphone-the headphone will wow you with its beauty-You just need to see this

Lovely Headphone

The headphone that accompany the phantom is a true definition of beauty. It’s beautifully designed to perfectly fit into the ear. It’s an earbud that does excellent job when it comes to quality sound in both audio and video playback

Tecno Phantom 6 earphone

Finally, for the performance it offers, couple with its great build quality and excellent camera, I can easily recommend the Tecno Phantom 6 device for anyone looking for a phone that offers value for money.

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Where to buy Tecno Phantom 6

The Tecno Phantom 6 can be purchased at all retail stores across Nigeria at starting price of N88,000-N90,000

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