How To Enjoy Multitasking on TECNO Camon CX

How To Multitask On Camon CX
TECNO Camon CX is TECNO’s camera flagship device for 2017 and the Successor to last year Camon C9. This article aims to serve as a guide on how to make the Camon CX multitask well.

Being a camera-centric phone, it is not surprising that the Camon CX is blessed with the top of the grade 16MP front facing camera bundled with dual LED flash which ensures that selfie can be taken under any conditions- whether it’s day or night.

No doubt if you are into photography, you will find the Camon CX handy as the phone also comes with 16MP rear camera paired with Quad-Led ring flash that can illuminate the darkest of an environment. Reviews from bloggers and users all attest to the awesomeness of the camera.

Camon CX image

Apart from the great camera configuration, the device also comes fresh with Android 7.0 Nougat, Octa-core MT6750T processor, HiOS V2.0 with 3200mAh battery, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage expandable to 128GB via MicroSD card.

From the specs information above, the Camon CX could be said to be near perfect device but if you are the types that use lots of apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft Word etc. you might at times experience that some of these apps fresh each time you open it. This is not because the Camon CX is bad for multitasking, neither is the processor outdated. In fact, the phone is loaded with Mediatek MT6750T which has a maximum clock speed of 1.5GHZ.

So why do apps refresh and how to ensure smooth multitasking?

The reason you might experience poor multitasking on the device is that the phone was set to kill apps by default as RAM is getting low. Below we talk about how to make the Camon CX multitask well.

How to make the Camon CX multitask well

  • On your Camon CX, locate Hi Manager and open it

make camon cx multitask well

  • Click on the setting icon at the top right corner to access options like Notification bar display, Automatic clean up, memory clean up settings etc

camon cx multitask well

  • Click on automatic clean up

camon cx multitask well

Turn Automatic cleanup off – underneath, it says background apps will automatically be cleaned when RAM is low. This is the reason heavy apps and games fresh-Automatic clean-up was activated by default.

camon cx multitask well

  • So, to really enjoy multitasking on this device, you have to tick all important apps you use daily. Check my screenshot above.
  • Finally, enjoy your device.

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  1. SLOMAN says

    I can no longer do screenshot with my cx air…. this is quite disturbing! even the rear camera quality suddenly became low…..

    pls advice!

  2. Theophilus says

    Pls am using techno cx . and i normally experience things like “memory running low” even when i have over 6g free internal memory. Pls help me

    1. Admin says

      I don’t think is possible to have memory is a low problem when you have up to 6GB of space. Check well to ascertain how many free spaces you actually;y have

  3. Ozoemena ikechukwu nicheal says

    Thanks the phone is very OK but the battery is poor in the phone can they improve in the battery by upgrading it to 4000 for instance. I love this phone

  4. Sozo says

    Thanks For this information. Been needing help on this bcz it makes this phone quite frustrating to use. Please i need your kind help on it. I Followed by the steps listed but i still experiencing the restarting of apps. Please kindly help me fix this. I really appreciate. Thank u

  5. Deji says

    Good write-up, thanks for reminding of the cool specs the cx has, make sense.

  6. Davido says

    This is cool, so go to Hios and choose the apps you’ll always use and save yourself a whole lot of trouble.

    1. Paolo says

      Lol exactly, so it doesn’t help you close them. People need information like this to help avoid complaints

  7. Paolo says

    Multitasking is key these days, have to be on several apps at a time, glad the CX is not left out.

  8. Bravesoul says

    This is a very good move. Kudos Tecno

  9. Olasubomi says

    This is quite a big improvement. Multitasking is a useful feature these days

  10. Ademola says

    oh nice one. I followed the steps too and it worked on my L9+

  11. Olusegunade says

    Good. This makes perfect sense. Is this nice feature limited to Camon CX?

    1. Admin says

      It’s on all TECNO devices with HiOS

    2. Davido says

      Nahhh, it’s a Nougat feature.

      1. Ademola says

        Yeah, I suspect so, cos it worked on my L9+

  12. scarycuteface says

    Perfect RAM management feature. That is amazing

  13. behankey says

    This is quite helpful. This will make the Camon CX perform optimally.

    1. Paolo says

      People that enjoy doing several things at the same time will benefit

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