How To Schedule An Uber Ride in Advance

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With the Uber feature called “Scheduled Rides’” you can now schedule a ride with Uber  15 minutes to 30 days in advance. It’s a feature that will let you plan your itinerary ahead of time with peace of mind. Read along how to schedule an Uber ride.

Before now you could only book a ride when you need it but with the Uber Schedule rides, you can schedule rides ahead of time . This feature is only available on UberX cars which are more expensive.

schedule a ride with uber

Top Questions on Schedule a ride with Uber on Google

  • Uber schedule a ride button missing

 If the Uber schedule a ride button is missing on your device, it’s possible you are not in Uber high volume driver locations.

  • Why can’t I schedule a ride with Uber?

 Uber now has an option to schedule a ride 15minutes to 30 days in advance. The feature is called schedule rides.

  • Is schedule ride available in all cities?

Schedule a ride is available in cities where Uber is in operation.

  • Can I cancel an Uber ride?

Yes you can cancel a ride at any time. This how to cancel a ride.

  • In the app menu, tap Your Trips.
  • Select Upcoming

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schedule a ride with uber

Also, there is option for you to cancel at any time in case you change your mind before your ride arrives. Riders can also cancel on your behalf but you will be charged if you cancel after 5mins you connect with your rider.

How To Schedule Uber Ride

  1. Tap the car icon with the clock located just to the right of the “Where to?” bar
  2. Select a date and a 15-minute window of time
  4. The pickup location will automatically set to your current location.
  5. Tap “Current Location” to edit the pickup location. You’ll have to move where the cursor is set.
  6. Set your destination
  7. Review your fare estimate and tap SCHEDULE A RIDE

Uber will send you reminders 24 hours and 30 minutes ahead of your pickup.Notice will also be given when your ride is on the way and whether surge pricing applies.

The Uber scheduled rides, will no doubt offer relief to those that travels a lot, the assurance that you can cancel a ride anytime is quite promising form Uber.


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