Android Security: 6 Best Ways to Secure Your Android Phone


 How Secure Is Your Android Phone? This is the question which most trolls in the mind of every single person. On our smartphones, we have saved a lot of data comprising contacts list, pictures and other social app passwords. But now the question is, are all these things secured?

We should keep a bird’s eye view on the security of our Android phones as these phones can be hacked easily. Hackers can easily steal sensitive data from smartphones and once this is done, no one can help out to recover the data which was saved on the phone.

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In this article, I explained some of the key points that can help us to protect our phones to make them more secure. Most people think that Android phones are not as secured as the other operating systems, hence of the reasons people are shifting to iPhones.

best ways to secure your android phone

Android Security: 6 Best Ways to Secure Your Android Phone


It is always advisable to download trusted apps from trusted sources. One important reason Android devices are prone to Virus attack is that most often we keep on downloading apps that we mostly don’t need since there are plethora of apps available free on various app stores. And from these unknown sources, Android devices get infected with virus and sensitive data may be stolen at once from this vulnerable action. So it’s advisable that one think before acting. Always download only trusted applications on your smartphone from trusted and official app store.


The Android platform has different lock protections which come in different patterns. Android Users can activate any of the security lock patterns to protect their devices from unwarranted access. But like seriously do you know that many people lost their important files and data as a result of theft or carelessness? Therefore always keep your smartphone protected via security pattern so that no one can open it without your permission.

INSTALL AN ANTIVIRUS-Best Ways to Secure Your Android Phone

To avoid unforeseen virus attack, it’s highly advisable to install an Anti-virus on our smartphones. This will help in no small measure to prevent data theft and malware. Anti-viruses are tools or software that can help to eradicate the virus in the event of virus attacks. And make sure you always download an updated version of anti-virus into your smartphone.


Another step which should be taken in upgrading the security of the phone is by switching off Bluetooth when not in use. Do not ever turn on the Bluetooth when not in use because a virus can be transferred via Bluetooth to your phone. Turning off Bluetooth will be a better step and everyone should follow this.


An important step which can be taken in order to secure your smartphone the more is that you should never save passwords on the phone or any social media apps. Always log out from the apps when not in use. There is no need to keep those apps always logged in. Before buying any smartphone just check how much reliable and secure that phone is. Try to avoid shopping for second-hand smartphones as they are not secured. Always shop the phone with a packed box and with complete mobile accessories.

SECURE WI-FI-Best Ways to Secure Your Android Phone

Always use secure Wi-Fi at your homes and try to avoid using free Wi-Fi at public places. If you must do, use trusted VPN to hide your data from the spying eyes of notorious public Wi-Fi operators. Many of us get excited by the availability of free Wi-Fi but the truth is, they may be planned trap to steal all information from unsuspecting individuals.

Android phones are not as secured as iPhone, so it’s advisable people consider all the Best Ways to Secure Your Android Phone discussed above to safeguard their devices against malware and viruses. Android phones are cheaper than iPhones but the security and integrity of Androids are not up to the mark. Hence in Pakistan, people buy iPhones as they are now easily available with the wide variety range and colourful iPhone cases.

Author Bio: Jessica Watson has been writing for websites, articles and blogs for two years now. She has had a fair share of writing on a variety of niches but my main focus is Technology, Smartphone and Finance. Currently, she is working with a client who offers variety of all Smartphone cases and accessories across all cities of Pakistan.

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