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Forget marriage, your smartphone is one of the best things that happened to you. You can almost do anything with it. It’s your camera, navigation guide, compass, I mean, what can’t you do with it. But what you may not know is the function of a smartphone barometer.

What’s a barometer?

A barometer as “a scientific instrument used in meteorology to measure atmospheric pressure.” It measures the pressure exerted by the atmosphere above it. This measurement of pressure can be used to forecast short term changes in the weather and can be used to estimate altitude

While many of us have little knowledge about meteorology, so while we can pull up weather forecast using an app or a website, it’s a lot more fun to track atmospheric pressure trends on your own, using a barometer.


This article will show you the basics of how to use a barometer app on a smartphone. You can find and download barometer apps for both iPhone and Android on the play store with which you can use to do your own weather predictions.


Barometer and Altimeter is a simple application for measuring atmospheric pressure and altitude. It has a built-in GPS, built-in pressure sensor, automatic altitude and atmospheric pressure calibration algorithm, based on data from local meteorological stations.

Features of Smartphone Barometer

  • Accurate height measurement above sea level (from GPS and other sensors),
  • Accurate measurement of barometric pressure (if the device is equipped in pressure sensor and check data available online)
  • GPS coordinates, name of location, country information and current weather data from your local weather station (if available).
  • outside temperature, wind speed, visibility, humidity, hygrometer (if the device is equipped with appropriate sensors).

Uses of a Smartphone barometer

  1. Health and medical – by monitoring the atmospheric pressure, you can be prepared for pressure jumps, headaches, migraine, and malaise,
  2. For fishermen and anglers who fishing and sailing – monitoring the atmospheric pressure and weather you can increase the chances for good fishing,
  3. Sportsmen and tourists
  4. For determining, predicting and checking the weather, air temperature, wind speed,
    To check the location
  5. For pilots for check pressure and altitude.
  6. Sailors, Seamans, and surfers can use it to check the wind.

There are quite a few Smartphone barometer apps available on iTunes and Google Play, so by doing a simple search on the keyword “barometer”, you would easily find one that suits you. Do you use smartphone barometer? and does your phone comes with one?


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