How to reset and activate GOTV Online after payment


How to reset and activate GOTV Online after payment

This is a tutorial on how to reset and activate GOTV online after payment. According to a 2017 online survey, GOTV is the most used Cable TV in Nigeria. Nigerians love this Cable TV due to its cheap subscription plans starting from N400 to N3800 monthly. Now after making the payment for your desired plan, you have to reset and activate your GOTV decoder for it to start working.

Although most times the activation is done automatically from their end. But if after a few hours and your decoder isn’t showing the channels yet. Then you have to reset and activate it manually.

1. How to reset GOTV Online

How to reset your GOTV manually after payment: With a mobile phone, send “Reset Your GOTV number” to 4688. You should receive a message after that for further details.

If after resetting your account, the channels are not back up. Then you need to activate your GOTV account.

2. How to activate GOTV Online

How to activate your GOTV manually after payment: With a mobile phone, dial *423# on any network and request to speak to a customer representative.

If you see an “Error 16” on your TV screen after payment, without seeing any of the channels on the GOTV plan you subscribed for. Then move to number 3 below.

3. How to clear ‘Error 16

How to clear ‘error 16’ on GOTV after payment: With an internet-enabled device, visit Eazy GOTV website (

Log in with your GOTV number and surname. While logged in, click on the “clear your error” button on the GOTV site. You will see a “reset device now” button, make sure you are on the website then click on it.

This should automatically reset and activate your GOTV, as long as you have paid for a subscription successfully. However, if your GOTV is still acting up after all the process listed above. Then you need to reach out to them via their GOTV social media pages.

I hope this post on How to reset and activate GOTV Online has been helpful to you? let me know in the comment session below.

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  1. Leader mooya says

    Help me reconnect my account no.7024071822

  2. jacob phiri says

    I make a payment for gotv useing airtel money pls help me to activat my iuc 2022073430

    1. jacob phiri says

      I make a payment for gotv using airtel money pls help to activat it my IUS 2022073430

  3. Sixtus says

    Pls I need you to help me reactivate my decoder, I paid for gotv lite since 3,August. But still what I see when I boot up my decoder is “E16-Service is currently scrambled…………..”
    Pls help me reactive it

    1. Akogun femi says

      Am on gotv plus(1,900) before but I paid for #400 gotv lite through online and since then I can not be able to watch any channel. What appear on my TV is E 16-service is currently scramble. I also call customer care and they said they av resolved it but it not show any Chanel YET. IUS 7026593738

  4. Kembo A. says

    I paid my gotv subscription thru mobile banking and money has been deducted. Pliz help activate my decorder.

  5. Atuegwu Oliver Chigozie says

    I upgraded IUC 7018743959 yesterday but can’t watch any of the stations.

    My prove of payment
    Amt: 2,600.00 DR
    Desc: — -PAYARENA/BP-GOTV/ATM Abuja NGSTAN9999053708

  6. Atuegwu Oliver Chigozie says

    Amt: 2,600.00 DR
    Desc: — -PAYARENA/BP-GOTV/ATM Abuja NGSTAN9999053708
    IUC 7018743959


    please help me subscribe for gotv plus,my iuc no is 2029241478,my account no is 104802205


    I am OKPALA martin CHIMEZIE with IUC number 4613143870,please I have made my payment of 1900 for Gotv plus through Gt bank Quick teller today being 26/12/18, but my decorder is not yet activated. Please help

  9. Adeniyi Adetutu says

    i upgraded my gotv yesterday but was unable to see any channel. My iuc number is 2018739840 I’ll be glad if my request is been granted. Thanks

  10. chioma maduka says

    Pls I recharge my gotv for the Xmas season but it works for some days now and it stop showing,my code number is..7004979832 and is showing me an error16- service is currently scrambled..

  11. Fredrick Ugborugbo says

    Please activate my GOTV with IUC number 2020797492, i have made my payment since last week but until now no activation yet. One of your staff call me my smart card was deactivated.

  12. Gift Emmanuel says

    Please activate my recorder, IUC 4613254139. I recharged on 29-10-2018.

  13. Tabitha says

    kindly upgrade from gotv lite to gotv plus
    IUC 2018583754

  14. Account Nyanya Gen Hospital says

    Please reset my gotv channel for me because most channel can not show and I have turned the antenna but no result

  15. Aniekan says

    Pls help me to activate my decorder. I recharge on 13th October with the 2022600691

  16. Moyosore Obidipe says

    I subscribe since 8th Oct. No signal. No strength. No quality.
    Pls,help me reactivate my decoder IUC 2019137911.

  17. Eseinone monday says

    please i subscribe via ATM . Amount 1900. Please kindly help me activate my decoder.
    smart card No 4622591476

  18. Mohammed sani says

    Hi i make payment of 2000 but still showing me E16 error also go online but telling me i was suspended pls kindly restore my decoder iuc 4613301390

  19. Loveth says

    I have done all that still not coming up

    1. Mohammed sani says

      I make payment of 2000 online but still showing e16 also trying to activate online telling me was suspended pls activate it for.4613301390

  20. Constance isioma idabor says

    I subscribe through my mobile banking since Yesterday pls activate my account for me Icu 2028849950

  21. Enuzie chijioke says

    Please, I made payment with my phone through my bank account,money was deducted from my bank account and the gotv was not activated my iuc no is 2004495129

  22. Enuzie chijioke says

    I recharged my gotv through my bank accounts,money was deducted from my bank account but the subscription was unsuccessful. What do I do.

  23. Ajayi Ayomide Sandra says

    Please help me I just subscribed now and yet none of the channels are showing

  24. Cletus Agobo says

    please help me activate my decoder iuc number is 4623224522

  25. Blessing Andrew says

    My decorder does not scan more than 21 channels what do I do please

  26. martins says

    I am having difficult in recharging my account then I found out that the phone number used during activation was incomplete. PLease help re-activate again.
    IUC number – 2028787217

  27. Mr dablissventuresissa says

    Please I recharged my gotv for over 5 days now,still not working ,please help me to reset it IUC 4613664055

    1. Emmanuel Vincent says

      I recharge my gotv today is not show anything, pls help out my ICU 4613416995

  28. Linda says

    Please activate my account 2019485151

  29. ALLAN MWANGI says


  30. Ndu Ifeanyi Imoh says

    Please help me and activate my account, I just made online but my account is yet to be reconnected.
    I have tried every means that I know and the said the my account is inactive.

    1. Ndu Ifeanyi Imoh says

      IUC. 2029127361. active please.

    2. Nkamushaba sarah says

      Please help me and activate my gotv decoder 4622726108.It doesn’t show up anything on the screen

  31. Uzoka Blessing says

    Please help me to activate my decoder, I renewed my payment on 26th of April, non of them is showing. IUC No-2017452378

  32. J. Jeremy T. says

    Please help me to activate my decoder, I made payment today 9 of april, 2018 but is not showing, ICU no: 7016633109

  33. Hamidu o says

    I made subscription via internet banking and error code E16 appear on the screen please kindly clear it for me IUC 2017734615

  34. Hamidu says

    I made subscription via internet banking please help me clear the error code that appear on the screen IUC 2017734615

  35. Michael says

    please I make a payment for gotv via mobile banking at the rate of (1900) approximately 2000 and all the channels did not display my IUC NO 2009373042….thanks

  36. Bolanle Adeleke says

    Please I subscribe via internet banking, please kindly help me activate my decoder please. ICU 4601426680

  37. Isyakusuleman says

    Pls help me to activate my Decorder pls I pay for mobile amp Debite me N 1990 pls help me activated my Go tv pls smart card No 2020880740 Radac

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