How to Check the Number on your Mtn SIM Card


How to check Mtn number on Your Phone

This post contains the guide on how you can check Mtn Number on your phone. You probably have a SIM which you have been using not quite long and you don’t remember the number on the SIM card or probably you have so many SIM cards you are using and the only you know the number is your main SIM.

It’s not uncommon for network subscribers in Nigeria to have many SIM cards, this is due to the poor network quality. One person may have 4 Mtn SIM cards he or she uses for calls and internet data. There is no way you can remember all of these numbers by heart, so to save you the stress, you will need the Code to check your Mtn number any time you need it.

Hence, the reason I am writing this simple tutorial to answer many questions like ” how can I check my Mtn number on my phone? the USSD code to check my mtn number, how to know my Mtn number from my SIM card and other queries relating to checking Mtn number on phone.

I can’t remember my Mtn number on this phone

Having many SIMs has its own many palavers and one of such challenges is that you may not remember a particular number that you need urgently. Maybe a friend ask you for that particular number of yours or probably the person wants to send you gift data to that number and there is no credit on that line because it’s not your primary line.

How to use Bank USSD Codes

You are therefore looking for ways on how to check the number on your Mtn SIM. The major service providers in Nigeria know that you may fall into this dilemma, therefore, they have provided shortcuts to dial to get your mobile numbers without having to memorize or check the SIM packs.  Search no further, you have come to the right place. Below I will show you how to check your Mtn Number on your phone

How to Check the Number on your Mtn SIM

To check the number on your Mtn SIM card, Dial *123# from your phone, You will be shown some on-screen options.

Select Account Information by pressing 1

You will be directed to the next screen{ My Tools} showing,

  1. My Number
  2. my tariff plan
  3. My Account Balance
  4. My data balance etc.

Select My Number by pressing 1 to reveal your phone number.

There you have it guys, the simple method on how to check Mtn number on your phone. If this guide has been helpful to you kindly share with other people who might need it.

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