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  1. Odesanya Samson Oluwaseyi on

    I just want you to give help me solve the issue on how my account alert wil be working.

  2. this is most useless and stupid bank a hv come known…to check balance or tarnsfer money is a problem….am not having this kind of problem with gtbank….am withdrawing all my money wit dis useless and good for nothin bank…straight up…i cant be goin through all dis wahala jst bcause am banking wit eco bank….shame on u

    • effiong ubonabasi victor on

      yes! you are right; i’ve tried it too several times and its not working… Pls is there any other method?

  3. Katherine PLOEGER on

    You are not doing anything about the frustration of all this customer why ?,all your outlet for online/mobile transactions are not functioning . You hijacked a bank like oceanic Bank plc which services was best to none and you treat it with such vomit is just so sad especially for sanusi and sanusi and all the directors of this eco bank very sad indeed

  4. The most useless bank in Nigeria so far, i was about to registered online banking but the registration process is not working why

  5. dont ask me stupid QST on

    eco bank is the most useless bank I’ve ever come across.. its a shame.. the code is not working.. eco bank plss shut down and stop wasting our time and money..

  6. dont ask me stupid QST on

    this is (Eco Bank) the most useless and annoying bank I have ever come across. its a shame. the code *326*0# is not working. Eco bank plss shut down completely and stop wasting our time and money. m typing this out of anger..

  7. I tried the *326*0# code to check my account balance, it did not work. It displayed an error message. Meanwhile, my phone account was debited with N5 for using the code.

  8. ogodo hilary n on

    It’s high time ECOBANK learnt from others banks like GTB easy way of transfering money via mobile. In GTB, you dont need to go and register at any GTB branch. Your *326# is not working.

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