How To Transfer Money with FCMB Mobile Money transfer Code

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FCMB Mobile Money transfer Code has made transaction very easy for FCMB Account holders in Nigeria, with FCMB Mobile Money Transfer Code, You can transfer money from FCMB to other Banks in Nigeria on your mobile phone. After reading this post you will know how to transfer money from one FCMB account to another through USSD Mobile Money transfer code, How to check FCMB account Balance on phone.

How  To Transfer Money with FCMB Mobile Money transfer Code

Before you can use FCMB USSD Transfer Code on phone, you must have registered your number for mobile money transfer. Interestingly, the number you used when creating your account with FCMB has been activated for FCMB Mobile Money Transfer.

To transfer money from FCMB Account to other Banks in Nigeria, Simply Dial *389*214# on your mobile phone and Follow the on-screen instruction.

It is that simple.

How to activate your Account for FCMB Mobile banking

According to FCMB, this how you can activate your account for mobile banking,

STEP 1: The customer should type *389*214# on the phone and dial….

STEP 2: FCMB Welcome Message is displayed with the following options

  • Activate with card
  • Activate with Account
  • Activate with Mwallet

STEP 3: The customer should choose option 2 by first selecting answer and type 2 then press send

STEP 4: A new message will appear and ask the customer to enter the account number to add the service to….

STEP 5: Another message will then appear on the phone with: “Congratulations you have been successfully synchronized”

STEP 6: Please call Contact Centre on 01-2798800 or visit any FCMB branch to generate your PIN and it will be sent to your mobile phone within minutes.

STEP 7: Type *389*214# on the phone and dial

STEP 8: Click on Security, Select Change PIN to enter your default PIN and enter your new four digits PIN when prompted

STEP 9: Start using and enjoying FCMB Mobile service

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Now that you know how FCMB Mobile Banking works, you can as well check your FCMB Account on your phone.

To get started, simply dial *389*214# and follow the instruction to check your account balance.


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  3. The code works perfectly for me. See you will have to dial the code with the number registered with the account. Then you follow the instructions on the post. Thanks admin!

  4. Carney donelly on

    I just received a blank ATM card from Carney that’s programmed to withdraw up to 1,000 dollars per day and 48,000 in two months. it’s been a week and I already withdrawn 9,000… I got it from Carney. Actually, i never believed it would work until i got it and tried it. I contacted him through his whatsapp number is +1 410-553-5852 Now my family is living very well… terms [40 percent goes to him and i get to keep 60 percent]

  5. Prince OLUWAROTIMI on

    To Register your line with the Bank dial: *329#
    To top up your mobile phone : dial *329*Amount#
    Dial *329*Amount*Mobile No# To Top Up Other Phone.
    Dial : *329*Amount * Acc No # To transfer Funds.
    Dial : *329*00# To check ✅ Balance

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    • Halimat in your own case, you need to complain to your banks. But if it is Gtbank you are using, dial *737# choose the option which States: Create your 737 pin. In a simple way, ur new 737 will be ready.

  7. I think you guyz need to upgrade just like other banks. Other banks like gtb (*737*amount*account number#), firstbank (*894*amount*account number#) to mention a few of all banks I know, have a direct code for instant mobile transfer without having to go through 9 processes before making the transfer. If I need to take 9 steps before doing a mobile transfer, then the aim of it being mobile, fast and convenient is not achieved. I would have spent that time to go to a bank and return. This is a limitation I think the management should look into and make research on how to upgrade and adapt to the fast-changing world and system. This process and system are so stalled and obsolete.please step up. Thanks

    • Sapphire, Gtb transferred code read as follows :
      1. Gtb to Gtb :*737*1*amount*account not.#
      2: Gtb to Other banks : *737*2*amount*account no.#

      for (2) above you need to specify the beneficiary banks I.e Fbn, fcmb others

  8. Have try the code so many time with my register airtel sim but always showing error 504 on my phone, so can i us my other sim that i did not us to register to do it

  9. Thanks alot boss…Have trying to make mobile transfer for the past three days and it work out i will try this code and tell you the new upgradeness.

  10. Use *329*214#……choose d second option to register nd after successful registration,re-dial *329*214# nd perform any operation u want to….

  11. The code works perfectly for me. See you will have to dial the code with the number registered with the account. Then you follow the instructions on the post. Thanks admin!

  12. Alare Mopelola Omowonuola on

    Exactly, the code is not working. What is the way out? cos I really need to make some transactions
    now, its urgent and today is public holiday, banks are not opening.

  13. adebajo olufemi johnson on

    Please the code is no more working ever since and i dont know what happened cus nit everybody use multimedia phone to download the app

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