Best Clock Widgets For Android To Customize Your Phone


If you’re looking for the best clock widgets you can use on your Android devices to give your home screen a facelift then, you have definitely come to the right place.

If you don’t already know, widgets are just a simple application extension that often comes bundled within or with an application that is installed on your device. Widgets are mostly placed on the home screen for quick access/shortcuts and often come in different shapes, sizes and can easily be customisable. Here, we will be listing the best clock widgets you can download right now on the Google Play store to beautify your home screen.

Best Clock Widgets For Android

1. Minimalist Text: Widgets

Minimalist Text just like the name says is a very minimal and lightweight widget which doesn’t just offer the standard date and time option and quick access on the home screen but also adds the weather. You can also customise every little thing about this widget from time to date, to weather and even the fonts used, giving you full control over the how you want the widget to look on your home screen. The widget also supports more than 20 other languages asides from English so just in case English isn’t your first language or you don’t want to use English.

2. Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets-Best Clock Widgets For Android

Fancy Widgets is one good looking widgets with a ton of features which includes a clock with customizable time and date format, Current weather condition with a 3/4-day weather forecast, ability to choose between Google or AccuWeather for weather forecast, Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature support, Configurable refresh interval and Additional information (e.g battery level) on the widget just to name a few and these are just the basic features. With fancy Widgets, you get almost, if not all you want in a widget with the ability to customise almost all part of it to suit your taste.

3. Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets

Chronus is an easy-to-use flexible & stylish widget which combines Clock, Weather, News, Tasks, Stocks, Fit and Calendar into something beautiful on your android home screen. Now, if you value the fact that you’ll get to have all the above listed available on your home screen without minding the space it’s gonna take then you’re gonna love this widget. Asides from having all of that available on your home screen for quick access, you also get a ton of features and even more when you go pro. Overall it’s a good Widget with the only problem being that it somewhat takes up a lot of on-screen space.

4. Simple Calendar Widget

Simple Calendar Widget is what its name says, a very simple and minimalist calendar widget. This widget is the most popular and highest rated minimal calendar widget with over 1M+ downloads on the Google Play and has just 1MB in file size. This widget is just for calendar only which a lot of people want since most Android devices come with time, date and weather widget.

So if you want just a calendar widget then this simple calendar widget is your best option. It’s simple, lightweight and works effortlessly. The widget also has a paid pro version just in case you don’t want the normal one that comes with ads.



BOBCLOCKD3 is another Android widget that is worth mentioning and is very good and super lightweight, coming just under 1MB. The widget is okay and offers the basic Widget features, nothing extra. Also, the widget, which was created in 2011 Haven’t been updated since then and is probably why there aren’t any new features like other widgets but it still works and has a simple and clean layout. It is still definitely worth checking out.

There you have it guys on the Best Clock Widgets you can use to spice up the look of your Android phones. Which one do you consider perfect your taste?

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