First Bank Nigeria customer care Phone Number and Online chat

First Bank Nigeria customer care phone Number

If you are having issues with your first Bank account and you will like to contact First Bank Nigeria customer care phone Number online, then you will need to read this post. One of Nigeria’s biggest banks, First Bank has millions of customers all over the country. With millions of customers come thousands of complaints and enquiries.

Issues such as Dispense Error; Card Issue; E-Channel; Services can be resolved. You can track the status of your complaint through the First Bank Online chat. Enter your complaint Reference Number and click the ‘Check Status’ button.

There are times you will experience issues with your account if you are a First Bank account holder. Through the First Bank Nigeria customer care phone Number, you can get a lot of issues resolved either by contacting First Bank customer care service number or by chatting with First Bank customer care representatives online.

First Bank Nigeria customer care Phone Number and how to chat online with them

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As a First Bank account holder, you need to be able to reach your bank at any time from anywhere. Especially when you are experiencing any problem or issues with them, both online and offline.

Internet Banking and Customer care Online

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There are so many reasons you might want to contact First Bank customer care, either to get information on First Bank products and services. You might also want to know your account balance enquiry or you are experiencing card transaction issues. Request for your ATM card to be blocked or other online banking enquiries.

Easily chat with a First Bank customer care representative online or reach them via voice call 24/7.

Are you always online and have access to the Internet?

Then you can chat them up for any assistance or enquiries.

Go to and send them a message. They will reply the chat immediately if it’s between working hours, and you can ask them anything in the conversation.

However, if you don’t have the patience nor Internet data, you can call them directly. Simply dial the numbers below and speak to their customer care representative.

Issues that can be resolved via First Bank Nigeria customer care phone Number

  • Information on First Bank products and services.
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Card transaction issues
  • ATM card block request
  • Online banking enquiries
  • Online banking password reset
  • Stop cheque instruction
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Statement of account request
  • All complaints spanning all First Bank products and services.

First Bank Nigeria customer care phone Number [s]

・+234 1 9052326
・+234 1 9052000
・+234 1 448 5500
・234 708 062 5000

Do you use Twitter? Simply follow their official handle and tweet them your message. Send them an email as well, send all your complaints and enquiries to

First Bank Nigeria customer care Phone Number, Email and Online chat
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First Bank Nigeria customer care Phone Number, Email and Online chat
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  1. I recharged from my account sum of 300naira from my account number 3050935126 Andi was debited but not credited with the card till now. am in NYSC camp Edo right now pls do something about it

  2. Good morning my name is felixugedi money was remove from acct but I don’t buy any thing so I want bank to something about it the money is twenty thounsand naira first Bank can not protect they are account I need my money back

  3. Good afternoon.Please i two first bank accounts bearing my name i opened one first bank account on my phone and another first bank account at the bank and i cant check the balance of my second account since thats the one i will be using and considerong the fact that the first account wont be in use i would like it to be deleted or is there a way i can check both accounts.It urgent

  4. I tried using *894# to recharge #200 from my account 3018187370 with this phone number 08030416026 on 7/11/2018, my account was debited but my phone line was not credited, I tried again on 8/11/2018 for #100 to same phone number and i was debited without credit to my phone number, please i need the money back to my account or credit of #300 to my phone line.

  5. I made a transaction of #12,000 to a FCMB bank on the 27th Oct 2018 at at exaclty 11:43pm, my account was debited and the person as not been credited till now. Pls help me find a quick solution, am a student and the person I sent it to is “Yusuf Sariat”

  6. This is the second time i have tried to recharge my phone using the *894#,i tried recharging #200 now,which was the last amt i had ,it was unsuccessful but they debited,am really pissed off right now,this is the second time this is happening.pls refund my #200 my acct nos is 3128315744.

  7. Good Evening . I am a customer of First bank PLC with account number : 3056975724, Account Name : Adamu Abdulwahab. I made a transfer of #,2000 to a Unity Bank account last two month and another #1,000 to the same Unity Bank account.With account name: Adamu Jafaru Iloyal, account number : 0014511934. They money was not credited to the account and I was debited . uptill now the money has not been refund to my account . I also recharge my mobile line through USSD code 894. I was debited #300 trice to phone number 08062178752. I also send #5,00 MTN card to phone number 08039329713 last 4 months without getting the call card and I was not give the call card . today I also recharge #2,00 to a friend , I was debited and I the friend of mine did not get the call card. And a lot of unsuccessful transaction I made I can’t recalled. I was debited, the receiver the not get the services and my money was not refunded to my account. Please I will appreciate if the management of First Bank can look into my complain and around a lasting solution. Or else I will have no other option to stop being a productive customer of First Bank.

  8. t was over 3 days that I cannot make any transaction on my first bank account through *894* code it as delayed lots of things pls I need help urgent.

  9. Good Day Sir/Ma

    It’s been over 2years now that i have been out of the country ‘Nigeria’, Eversince i left my first bank acct has not been in used. Acct No: 3065670713

    So i want to continue using my acct, as i will be forwarding some money into it. Whatever might be an issue to my request kindly notify me and how to rectify it, due to the fact that the acct has not been in use for a while now.

    Also want to make a request for online notification via my email address, so as to be getting notified anytime my acct is credited.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  10. I am calling the attention of the First Bank PLC to refund my money deducted from my account but was never dispensed , on my account number :3052542698 with First Bank PLC which I withdraw on August 27 , 2018 via POS
    I have tried all means I could to get my money but yielded no result. I have made several complaints beginning from that day , and all I could get was a mere promise to resolve it. After several complaints,I received a message from First Bank that “your complaint with Ref CAS – 2062748 – G4w4D8 has been received . will be resolved on or before 11th of September another message received on the 12th of September its goes thus your complaints with Ref CAS_2062748 _G4W4D8is solved pls call 01_4485500 within
    48 hours if unsatisfied. I couldn’t see anything that was solved as my money has not been refunded till now .pls kindly refund my #4000…

  11. Pls i need ur help. I open an account on my phone with two names. Last name and first name and i have bvn before with three names. How can i link it with my account because the first bank didn’t answer me.

  12. I made a withdrawal with my atm card since Thursday morning with G.T.B atm, debited #15,000 but the money was not dispensed. No reversal made yet.

  13. Last Wednesday 5/9/18 I was paid N50,000 & debitted N60,000 from acc. 2006434825 at Sterling bank Aggrey branch P.H. When I complained I was told to wait 24hrs. no refund up tii now. Also I was taxed for 3 transactions when it would’ve been 2 if I was duely paid & why can’t we withdraw N50,000 at once BANKS?

  14. I recharged #400 credit last month August between 20-30. Also I recharged #100 today 6 September this year . but all those money deducted from my first bank account 3069293556 but not credited to my MTN line. Pleas refund my money any moment from now.

  15. Good day, I tried to recharge my startime which is 0183139511 but was not successful, but my account 3075748121 was debited and the startime account was not credited. My name is Jibril Ahamed Rufai.Please,kindly refund the #2000 to my account.

  16. Good morning.. My name is Azubuike David Uchechukwu. I tried recharging my phone online last night and it was not successful but my account was debited ..pls help me

  17. 17th August my 10000 was debited without giving me cash and it was reverse back then debited me again 10k now pls resolve this

  18. First Bank what is going wrong, yestnight 17th August 2018 I made transfer of 33000 to my Gtb account, unfortunately my first Bank had been debited, and gtb not credited. Please quick correction on this.

  19. I can not transact on my current account! Urgently do something, even now as this can cause serious damage!!!! Please. My account number: 2001764930. I’ve been running this account for over fifteen years.

  20. i want to correct my name on my bvn registration. its was wrongly spelt, do i need a court affidavit before i can do it. thanks

  21. i reported on Friday 3rd August 2018 that i was wrongly debited using first bank card on Wema bank ATM. As usual with other banks i had expected a reversal after 24/HRS but behold i got a message today saying that my complaint ID will be resolved on or before 15th. Why is it that it always take 1st Bank such a long time to verify and effect reversals on issues of this nature. Better ways should be devised in handling issues like this pls.

  22. I did factory reset on my phone, now I can’t use my first mobile app because it keeps telling me error verifying card or error retrieving card details… Please help

  23. I made a transfer yesterday to a diamond bank account. The person is yet to receive it.

    Someone also paid money into my account today but I’m yet to receive it.

    First bank what is the problem please?

    • My name is Mr olakunle FATAI OLUSANYA customer of first bank OJODU Berger branch.I have been having problem with sterling bank MAGORO branch since 18th Mach 2018,my ACC was debited with sum #82,000 since that day to up to tiday and problem has not been solved. Pls Ma/Sir I need ur help in order to get my money back,I have been at ur branch they continue telling me that sterling bank tells them that their ATM machine dispense which is capital lair’s. The machine was made use 10times and only dispense once,the last 10,000.the 1- 8 #10,00 9th one #2000 did not dispense #10,000 last one dispense. But by getting alerts all the one that didn’t dispense was debited from my acc .pls help me to get my money from this 419 sterling back at MAGORO branch. My nur 3024840452.I have been calling ur costumer care they continue telling me they are working on it and response. Pls help me out.i why I couldn’t follow up that time I lost my wife doing issues .pls for God sack help me to get my money from sterling bank MAGORO branch. Tnks I will be glad to hear good news from u people. God bless.

  24. First bank debits me every month for alert charge.. Even when no transaction is made That this morning, I’ve been charged for the same purpose.. Starting from April to this July.. Pls I need urgent response as to why it’s so.. Is first bank doing time travel in my account????

  25. I made a transfer to Angela efangha since on 20/7/18, jet to delivered to her, but my first bank have debited me, from first bank to diamond bank

  26. I opened an account today I paid in 6000 n 5500 was transferred to it am yet to receive alert on the transactions help me out I hope my money is still intact my account number 3126956956

  27. Kindly and urgently block this account 3098346975. The ATM of the owner has been stolen yesterday and today some money has already been taken from the account. Thank you

  28. I use my account to load a recharge card yesterday, the money was deducted but my phone was not recharged. The money is 1000 naira

  29. My name is Frank Aniefiok, I don’t know why they are always deducting money from my account without my notice. I used a first bank ATM today and still #200 was deducted from my account. if this continues I will be left with no option than to close my account and also inform all my friends to close theirs too

  30. As at yesterday the 23rd of June, 2018, my account balance was N20,423.11. I did not make any transactions on my account Number >>. Today, after I made purchase of N300 from my account, my balance became N19, 035.11. I have called firstcontact several times and was only put on music and advertisements. Can firstbank urgently return my correct balance to me please??

  31. pls I received a msg today DAT my account and my ATM has being block,they now ask me to call dis number it from firstbank

  32. My account,2001708273 was debited by 50,087.00 Naira from my salary which was paid on the 28/5/2018.Please help me effect the correction. I wait in anticipation of your positive response. Thank you.

  33. I Transfered NGN50k To A Uba Account But Since On 29-may-2018 16:10:53 But The Recipient Account Has Not Been Credited And My Account Has Been Debited, Pls Come To My Aid.

  34. I have been waiting for my salary since yesterday till now no alert my account name is Mr Tajudeen ishola ganiyu. My account number is 3028770018 .

  35. av been trying to make trsnsfer to a GT bank account,through quick banking but its demandind for my 5 digit pin which i dnt understand.pls i need cpearifications on what 5 digit pin means

  36. please I funded my nairabet account and up till now I can’t see any thing please attend to me please

  37. hello good afternoon, I made a transfer to unity bank ad they money have not been received…and the money is still in my account.. pls what is the problem cos I want to transfer it again hope the two won’t be debited.. its urgent

  38. Goodday sir, please I have little problem with first bank, the problem is that, someone used the daddy account to transfer money to my UBA account, which are daddy didn’t no about it ,unfortunately daddy went to first bank to loge the complain, first bank was blocked my account, so I wanted to collect money day before yesterday which I didn’t. I rush to UBA to complain so they told me everything was happen, normally we are resolved the issue, both of us went back to first bank yesterday and they told daddy to write letter,which he did it, and the person told us, she helped us to send to email, which she did it immediately, I call my UBA customer care they told me he didn’t receive any messages from first bank to release my account, please I need money.fajobi asimiyu is the daddy account name, when my name is olaoye abiodun.

  39. Hi, I’m Abijah Inyene, I tried recharging my line through my account, I tried it twice because the first time didn’t respond due to poor network though, the second time responded but I am debited for the two trials. Why? I’m complaining is because this is the second time this has happened to me in first bank yet without refunding. I am really frown at it.

  40. Hello good morning I’m Franklin I made a transfer to gtb account sine morning it hasn’t deflected

    • Sir /Ma i need urgent solution to my account because transaction no more permited again,and when i called the firstbank contact ,what i was told is that my account name is different with my Bvn name and i don’t kmow what cause it please provide solution to it for me.

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