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  1. Good morning,I went to withdraw 2k from my account this morning, my account was debited but i didn’t get the cash,please you guys should credit my account back so I can survive today.

  2. I was transferred some money but I didn’t receive any alert and I’m unable to check my balance I’m stranded what do I do

  3. To buy airtime, simply dial *326*amount#. But make sure you use the same phone number linked to your account as the transaction is instant. Of course you can also dial the *326# and select “4”. And for the pin, download the ecobank app first as it is on the app you can change/create your pin. The code is working very well, so also is the app. Cheers!

  4. cbn should close down Eco bank Nigeria because they’re not proactive, they are service failure bank they don’t met up standards of the rest bank in Nigeria …i was angry when I closed down my personal account with Eco bank ijebu ode… due to service failure and so called customer service officer and csm are not on top of their core delivery

    • very useless bank full of fruad,since last year 14k that my sister sent to me ,they couldnt trace how it disappeared from my account

  5. Please try the code before posting it. It doesn’t speak well of your bank at all. I was disappointed after taking time to read through and unfortunately it ended up been a waste of time.

  6. I don’t have ATM card nor do I have a pin. How can I generate a pin to enable me transfer money with my phone.

  7. Good morning I don’t know wat my kids pressed on my phone since den I don’t HV access to internet banking pls help activate

  8. Hello, good afternoon. Please I have been trying to transfer money using the *326# code but the only option that comes up is open xpress account or exit. Please what should I do as its an urgent demand?. Thanks

  9. This is complicated, PLS can you brake it down how to transfer money from ecobank to other bank account. Am not able to transfer money from ecobank to other bank account the process is too difficult PLS make it easy thank you

  10. Eco bank I have money I can’t pay via pos, I can withdraw via pos, I can’t recharge my phone, now you have provided the ussd transfer code “326”, you asked me to input my pin I did yet you said its a wrong pin. Now you have blocked my account how do I survive this weekend? why are you guys not straight forward ? I need my account fixed abeg no story.

  11. what a Jaga-jaga bank can’t you see d other banks are treating their customers ne. Mtseeewwww shame on you guyz very disappointed after bin proud of you.

  12. Fu*c Ecobank, left me stranded this weekend, went on live chat, saying rubbish, Called their help line waste of time and airtime. I hate you guyz, i’m closing my acCount.

  13. they will put up a code which dey dem self have not tried to see if its working, Dead bank . No be una fault Sha na we wen dey listen to una lies

  14. Its really disappointing that i can not easily make transfer without visiting the banking hall. I have tried downloading the mobile app twice to no avail. The transfer code provided does not have all the banks on the list. Visited a branch and was told to do a re-download but yet. Now the error message is that my account is locked after i was asked to input pin. Really annoying. I went on live chat and was told my birth day detail is not correct so i can not be assisted, when was my record changed? Called 07005000000 and my credit kept burning without a response. Why why why really!

    • Dear Esther,
      You probably had tried ti enter many times with a wrong PIN
      But if you have date of birth issues.
      it may be with your BVN and your bank records.
      so you need to visit the bank and correct same

  15. Goodevening,ak trying to use economic bank transfer code but d reply from the network ak using do reply that is failure. How can I go about that?? (

    • Please does it mean the express account cannot be linked to an existing account?? I can’t buy airtime, my balance shown is stating 0 naira and so am confused because that balance is wrong..

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