This post is about the best writing apps for Android tablets. If you live by lengthy to-do lists and numerous Post-it notes them you know how important – yet overwhelming – it is to keep track of everything.

While your Android tablet might have all the apps you need to get work done, you need a readily accessible writing app to create and store these useful bits of information on the go. Feel free to select any one of our picks of 2018’s best writing software for android tablets to take your productivity level to greater heights.


  1. JotterPad

Top on our list is JotterPad, one of the most widely downloaded writing apps for Android tablets. It is a great multi-lingual writing app that allows you to create notes in other languages such as French, Spanish and more. Much like standard word editors, JotterPad’s word editor offers word, paragraph and character counts and allows you to change font styles and add images.


JotterPad allows you to organize your files into separate folders, and sync them with cloud storage services such as Google Drive of Dropbox. These files can also be shared in PDF, DOCX, TXT and various other formats. With an affordable in-app purchase you can access a dictionary, thesaurus and link your account with multiple cloud accounts.

  1. iA Writer

One of the first features you notice on the iA Writer is that it supports swipe gestures, this allows you to toggle between the various screens on the app. Another feature is the private section which allows you create private and sensitive documents and make them for your eyes only. This writing app comes with standard editing features as well as a free built-in dictionary as an added benefit.

It allows you to export files in many formats such as PDF, HTML, DOCX and others, while also allowing you to connect our WordPress account and post directly from the app. Other notable features are Night Mode, Word Count and Spell Check.

  1. Monospace

Monospace is a simple yet highly efficient writing app. Its unique organizing feature allows you to organize your files in different formats using hashtags, where each folder is given a hashtag, and folders within folders are given multiple hashtags.

Another noteworthy feature is “Auto-Name” which on selecting this option, the app names the file according to its date and time of creation. A long press on any text to be formatted shows a list of options such as font size, clipboard, font style and more.

  1. INKredible

Users of stylus-enabled android tablets love INKredible! It allows you to use your tablet’s keyboard, your finger or your stylus to create notes on the app. The auto-save feature ensures that none of your creations gets lost, as your notes are saved every minute – or as determined by you in the app’s settings.

In addition to being able to create multiple pages per notebook, notable word editing features include font size, font colour and an eraser tool for deleting unwanted text.

  1. Writer Plus

This writing app takes efficiency to the next level by using shortcuts to deliver its various formatting options. It is one of the writing apps for android tablets

Asterisks italicize, double asterisks make bold, while hashtags define the size of the headers of your notes and greater than sign adds quotes. Other formatting options include a selection of font style and size. Writer Plus also has the Night Mode option for ease of use during periods of low visibility.

Get rid of all those scraps of paper on your desk slowing down your productivity and make a choice from our list of the best writing apps for android tablets in 2018.

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