Gearbest 4th Anniversary: Get amazing Discounts, Top Deals and Win Gifts

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It is the Gearbest 4th Anniversary, and the popular online store, Gearbest is celebrating 4 years of being active online with a bang. The company will be celebrating the event with their customers, giving jaw-dropping discounts on all products. Gearbest is celebrating their 4 year anniversary, as they climbed up the ladder of being one of the World’s most trusted online shopping store. To celebrate this event, Gearbest has planned many activities for their customers.

Gearbest 4th Anniversary

There’s a “Preheat Period”, starting from March 20th 17:00 to March 26th 10:00. Then the “Formal Period” begins immediately from March 26th 10:00 to April 2nd 10:00. Finally, the “Back to stage period” starts from April 2nd 10:00 to April 9th 12:00. You need to know what each period offers, so you can get the best discounts for what you want to buy. Stay with me as we go through them below.

Preheat Period (March 20 – March 26)

This is like a warm up to the main event, featuring lots of flash sales with the fastest fingers first. During this countdown period, there would be lots of deals at a giveaway price with limited stock. Starting from 2:00 AM UTC (3am Nigeria) to 9:00 am UTC (10pm Nigeria) daily.

Formal Period (March 26 – April 2)

This is like the main event when Gearbest will be celebrating their 4 years anniversary. There would be lots of Mega Snap up deals as they celebrate their achievement over the years. Customers that registered on Gearbest in 2014 and 2015 will get $40 discount on orders above $400. Customers that registered in 2016 will get $10 off orders of $120, while other customers will get coupons as well.

Back to stage period (April 2 – April 9)

More like an after party, as Gearbest will be thanking their customers for being with them for 4 years. Lots of discounts and deals will be going on this period as well only on Gearbest. According to the popular online store, this will be their BIGGEST EVER Anniversary Sale.

Gearbest 4th Anniversary: Get amazing Discounts, top deals and win gifts

You might be wondering what exactly are the best deals. Well, you need to visit Gearbest to actually find out. But nonetheless, I’ll be breaking it down for you a little bit.

Deals Highlights On Gearbest 4th Anniversary Event Sale

This is what you should be expecting on Gearbest 4th Anniversary Event Sale.

  • Anniversary Flash Sale: Daily breathtaking discounts on lots of products with limited stock (fastest fingers).
  • King of Brands Sale: See top products from top brands on Gearbest at the cheapest price ever.
  • Elite Bestsellers: Tech best selling items at giveaway prices.
  • Loyalty Discounts: Discounts for their loyal customers (those who love to bargain). Get amazing discounts here
  • Cool Add-Ons: You get to pay just $1.44 for an amazing Hot Gear.
  • Lucky Bags: Ladies, enjoy jaw-dropping discounts on your favourite bags.
  • Pure Fashion: Change your wardrobe with just a token.

Let’s take a look at a sneak peek of how some days will be like during this Gearbest 4th-anniversary event sales.

1. March 26th (Smartphone Day): March 26th will kick off as a smartphone day. A Xiaomi smartphone will sell under $90 Only @ 09:00 UTC. No one knows the Xiaomi smartphone yet, that’s one of the surprises Gearbest have in store for us. A top Smartwatch will also sell under $10 Only @ 17:00 UTC, another surprise from Gearbest.

2. March 28th (Electronic Discounts): Gearbest would be giving 35% OFF the best HD DVR on their site and it will be selling at only $9.99 @ 09:00 UTC. The Xiaomi 4K Action Camera will go all the way down to $99.99 Only @ 17:00 UTC.

3. March 29th (Epic Hobbies Offers): Gearbest will be lifting 50% off their high-quality Flashlight Torch and it will sell for only $1.89 @ 9:00 UTC. See DJI Mavic Pro an amazing drone go down up to 25% off and sells for just to $799 Only @ 17:00 UTC.

4. March 30th (TOP Apparel): It’s time to change your wardrobe, some of the deals include a top Swimming Boxers slashed by 85% off and sells for just $1.99 @ 9:00 UTC. The Xiaomi Hot Sneaker will be cut up to 60% off and sells for just $39.99 @ 17:00 UTC.

That’s not all, lots of amazing discounts will be going on throughout this period. You can also play games and win prizes and coupons as well.

Epic Lucky Draw

How to win in this Epic Draw? Well, it’s all about luck, if you are lucky enough you can win the UMIDIGI S2 Lite. Join the fun and play the game to win amazing gifts here

How To Play The Epic Lucky Draw

See the game rules below;

  • Click the Spin Button to win Free Gifts and Amazing Coupons
  • Whenever the three images coincide, you will get a Random Prize from that category.
  • Each customer on Gearbest has 3 FREE chances to spin during the whole event period
  • If you have GB points, you can also use it to buy EXTRA spins (20 Points each).
  • The Lucky Draw Game starts from March 20 @ 09:00 UTC to April 2 @ 02:00 UTC.

Easter Egg Game

Since the 4th-anniversary event sale of Gearbest flows with the Easter period, you definitely know they will be a game to celebrate Easter. This game is very easy and simple, all you need to do is break an egg and win an amazing product from the Easter Bunny! The Chuwi Hi8 Air is up for grabs here.

How To Play the Easter Egg Game?

  • You get 6 New Easter Eggs every day.
  • An amazing product will be inside One or Two of the eggs
  • You have the option to break just one egg a day.

The Easter Egg Game starts from Mar 26 @ 02:00 UTC and ends on APR 2 @ 02:00 UTC.

Mega Vouchers

You know we can’t end this without actually giving out free coupon codes. From March 20, 2018, to April 9, 2018, Gearbest is giving out coupons codes on everything you want to buy on Gearbest.

Get all the Coupons Codes here

Gearbest 4th Anniversary Sale promises lots of amazing deals and discounts. From March 20, 2018, o April 9, 2018, customers will also enjoy amazing discounts, especially on Xiaomi smartphones. At this Gearbest 4th anniversary event, you’ll get the cheapest Xiaomi phone deals ever.

1. Xiaomi Redmi 5A

An affordable beauty that gives value for money, packing 2GB RAM and 16GB Storage. Houses a 13MP rear camera at the rear and 3000mAh battery underneath. It typically goes for $117, but this period, you can get it for $89.99  by clicking on the Gearbest image below.

xiaomi redmi note 5A

Key Specs

・Display: 5-inch
・OS: Android 7.0
・Processor: Quad-core 1.4GHz
・Storage: 16GB ROM + 2GB RAM
・Rear Camera: 13MP
・Selfie Camera: 5MP
・Battery: 3000mAh

2. Xiaomi Redmi 4A

On sale at a giveaway price on Gearbest this period, enjoy 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 13MP rear camera and 3000mAh battery. The Redmi 4A houses a Snapdragon chipset as well, all for just $94.99. Yes, you heard that right, you can get the Redmi 4A on Gearbest 4th Anniversary for just $94.99 by clicking on the Gearbest image below.

Key Specs

・Display: 5-inch
・OS: Android 7.0
・Processor: Quad-core 1.4GHz
・Storage: 16GB ROM + 2GB RAM
・Rear Camera: 13MP
・Selfie Camera: 5MP
・Battery: 3000mAh

That’s not all, in this biggest ever anniversary sale, Xiaomi smartphones are at their cheapest prices ever, Don’t miss all the deals on Gearbest 4th Anniversary.


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