Top Android Games You Can Play And Enjoy Online

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Gaming is something that people love to do and over the past few years, things have changed a lot. Things and technology pertaining to gaming tech have added new features like more realistic graphics, Augmented Reality and faster processing.

Games on the Android platform has released games of Android Nougat and the Vulkan API, which is known to have improvised and got better over the time. Experts predict that mobile gaming enthusiasts to get more improvised and more interesting for gamers worldwide. Here is a list of Android games that you might find interesting:


Crashland is a 2016 game and is known to be one of the best Android games made on an Android platform. The game features an intergalactic environment where users have to play as an intergalactic trucker that crash lands on an unknown planet.

Players have to get the whereabouts of the planet and get yourself a base. Also, users have to collect items and craft them up and be the helping hand in saving the world. You have to develop a character. The game is fun to play and the good part is that there are no in-app purchases that you get in your way and spoil the fun.

MADFINGER Games including UNKILLED, Shadowgun, Dead Trigger:

MADFINGER Games has some amazing titles that you can play and get some amazing experience with First Person Shooters like Shadowgun, Unkilled and Dead Trigger. Shadowgun follows the story of sci-fi shooters having campaigns and multiplayer gaming modes. UNKILLED and Dead Trigger have zombie shooting missions.


The game falls into the category of some of the most popular games that is suitable for people of almost all ages. Minecraft comprises of a storyline where users mine stuff, build stuff, fight off bad guys and other stuff. One of the aspects of the game has a survival mode where one has to just mine up one’s own resources and food items.

Android games offline

There are some frequent updates that add more to the gameplay. The game also allows to get on the multiplayer mode and play on multiplayer servers using mediacom internet service or any other services that you have at home. If you want some customized items to get you can go for an in-app purchase.

Monument Valley 1 And 2:

Monument Valley has an excellent gameplay and graphics. The game is mainly regarded as an adventure puzzle game where the user has to make his way through using illusions. The Mountain Valley games are regarded as one of the best games ever and runs for $3.99 and an optional payment of more than a $1.00.

Games By Noodlecake Studios:

Noodlecake is known to have developed some amazing games for the Android platform. Some of their most selling game titles include games like Framed 1 and 2, Alto’s Adventure, real Myst and other titles that have been able to grab a lot of attention from gamers worldwide.

Check out the above-mentioned Android games that will get you some of the best and amazing user experiences and events that you can enjoy.


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