10 Best Gallery Apps for Android


These are the 10 best gallery apps for Android you need to download. Although our smartphones come with a gallery app already pre-installed, which to so many people has everything they need.

Best Gallery Apps for Android

However, there are lots of gallery apps on the Google Play Store that will definitely give you more premium features and edit options you won’t get with your normal gallery app. Without further ado, let’s meet the 10 best gallery apps for Android.

1. FOTO Gallery

This photo gallery app does everything you’d expect from a gallery app and more. It has a simple design which is very inviting and exciting to operate. You can also organise all your photos to the way you want them to be or appear. You also get to hide private albums, this might be albums with nude photos or videos.


2. A+ Gallery

This is absolutely one of the best gallery apps for Android, it’s also very popular on the Google Play Store with millions of downloads already. This simple gallery app lets you create albums in the most fun way and you share the photos with ease as well. There’s also support for Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and Facebook, it’s very easy to use as well.


3. Gallery Vault

As the name suggests, it’s a Vault for your gallery. You can create a private vault for your photos to keep them away from prying eyes. You can also hide videos from friends and family for only your viewing pleasure. You can hide the app icon as well, so people won’t know you have the app. If you need privacy for your photos and videos, we recommend this app.


4. F-Stop Gallery

This Gallery App has been around for a while now, it has a lightweight design that’s easy to use and navigate. It’s an all-around gallery app, you can categorize your photos and videos with tags, it also supports and plays GIFs.


5. Google Photos

Although, this app comes already pre-installed in most Android smartphones. It’s definitely one of the best gallery apps for Android. Its cloud storage is second to none, you can store all your photos and videos you don’t wanna lose by syncing in the app. You can also use it as a gallery app if you want.


6. Photo Gallery HD & Editor

As the name suggests, it comes with an editor to edit your photographs. Unlike other photo editing apps, this can be used as a gallery and it’s very lightweight and light. You can crop, rotate, flip, and apply filters or even doodle if you want to. It also loads images faster than most gallery apps.


7. PhotoMap

The name sounds as fun as the features it comes with, you can see all the photos taken at a specific location. You can use the Map it comes with to view the places the photos were taken. It comes with AR features, and you can go to the beach on the app via the map to see all the photos you’ve taken at that beach. Fun right?


8. Piktures

If you want a simple looking and lightweight app for gallery then look no further. It has all the features of the normal photo gallery, including edit options, filters, GIF support and others.


9. QuickPic

This app supports almost multimedia files, it lets you rename photos without going to the file manager. You can also create albums and backup photos and videos in the app cloud storage.


10. Simple Gallery

The name says it all, this is one of the best gallery apps for Android. It’s very simple, easy to use and lightweight. Furthermore, it does everything you’d expect from a photo gallery app. You can also rename photos and videos, hide photographs with a fingerprint scanner lock option.



These are the best gallery apps for Android. If we missed any of your favourite gallery apps, please let us know below.

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