TECNO Spark 2 to Come With an Improved Camera [Photos]


As rumours for another TECNO Spark hit the airwaves, bloggers and smartphone lovers have been clamouring around to get a glimpse of the device’s image and specs.

Last year TECNO Introduced a new Spark Smartphone Series in Africa targeted at people looking for great camera phone without breaking the bank. And interesting, the first Spark Series was the bestselling devices for that year.

Tecno Spark

It is almost a year and TECNO is preparing to launch another Spark smartphone which is rumoured to be nicknamed TECNO Spark 2 with an upgraded camera and super bright display. If the leaked images below are anything to go by, the new Spark device might be the most affordable smartphone with the brightest camera ever.

spark 2

Also, there are indications that the upcoming Spark 2 will flaunt an upgraded MIX FLASH which I am guessing would be in the region of 2.0 and a proactive brightness increase of up to 10-20%. With an increased brightness, the aperture would be wider, and this will, in turn, make the images taken at night appear brighter- Amazing!

In other departments, the yet to be released TECNO Spark 2 is definitely not a slouch as rumour has it that the device will flaunt several new features such as an amazing facial ID security feature and a fuller baseless screen.

The Processor power department is also said to be amazing as the Spark 2 is said to run on the latest Android 8.1 which will enable the new SPARK 2 deliver a fluid multi-tasking experience better than any regular smartphone.

In terms of pricing, we also hear that the device will come with a price tag that will be unbelievable.

If everything goes as planned, the upcoming TECNO Spark smartphone might come in the first week of June 2018.

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  1. badoo says

    improved camera, improved view. this tecno spark 2 is a great device indeed.

  2. khaleesi says

    this new tecno spark 2 is lovely.

  3. Olusegunade says

    This is gonna be nice.

  4. Behankey says

    I want to see if this one will break sales record too like the first spark did. People loved it.

  5. Paolo says

    Really looking forward to this

  6. adebayo eniola says

    The expectation is high cant wait to see the device.

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