7 Must Have Gadgets For Techies


For the Tech-savvy, especially millennials like me strongly utilize Technology for day to day use. However, most adults born in the 70’s might still make do of analogous gadgets like the old piece of junk your father wears on his wrist. It’s hypothetical, of course not your father. A millennial would swap that with a smartwatch. Yes, that’s how we roll now.

The need to make our lives easier is paramount to comfortable living. For many, these computer gadgets are key to the subjective fast lifestyle where productivity is valued above all.

So, you are searching for a collection of gadgets to keep you ahead and up to date with the latest trends but you don’t know where to start from.

There’s good news.

Unfortunately, there’s bad news too.

Good news: we compiled a list of top gadgets Techies need to add to their collection.

Bad news: They all come at a price. You and I both know it isn’t going to be free but people don’t reject freebies, right? Typical of a Nigerian yeah?

So, let’s get to it:

7 Must-Have Gadgets For Techies


1. Power Bank

You know that feeling when Nepa (PHCN) just decide to leave the light for more than a day? You just wouldn’t care the less about plugging your phone to a power source, I mean what’s the use?

Nepa dey and I’d plug my phone when I want to. Some minutes later, *complete darkness” the outcry NEPA why? And some curse words would be pushed off your mouth.

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Never leave your fate in the hands of NEPA. If Osinbanjo the vice president of Nigeria was sported with a power bank, who are you not to get one my brother?

Get a power bank to charge when using your smartphone to avoid quick surprises.

2. Smart Watch

Just imagine your smartphone tied around your wrist, now that is exactly how it feels to use a smartwatch. There are times you wouldn’t want to use your smartphone, this standalone product provides basic features like camera, calculator, thermometer, GPS receivers, speakers and SD cards.

Also, smartwatches can communicate some of your external devices like wireless headsets. The sporty lads can also use it to track activities and personalized workout sessions. The sleek aesthetics of this devices would make them perfect for people of style.

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3. Inverter Generator

World cup is here and you wouldn’t want any of those quick tricks NEPA have on their sleeves. When Messi gets past two defenders and is one on one with the keeper and NEPA decides you have to follow the game in text. It sucks!

Inverter Generators are one of the best substitutes for noisy generators. Not only are they quiet but economical as well.

NEPA are unreliable. I’ll reiterate guys, don’t leave your fate in the hands of Nepa and get an alternative.

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4. Wireless Airpods

Ever since Apple released the wireless airpods, most smartphone companies have followed in their path to release smartphones without headphone jack. Well, if you believe in Apple vision, these earbuds are perfect for listening to music without all that clutter you experience with budget products. Yes, they don’t fall out when running.

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5. Laptop

A smartphone can do most of the functions of a laptop, but at your inconvenience. You still need that big sized screen to work efficiently. Also, laptops are more power equipped to execute gaming, editing, run heavy apps more than smartphones.

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6. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Aha! This is for the lazy ones that get grumpy whenever the alarm rings. If you find yourself snoozing the alarm frequently, then you need the clocky alarm on wheels.

How does it work?

The Clocky alarm beeps and runs away, as it is difficult to get a hold of especially with sleepy eyes, you’d be forced to either get up from bed or chase the clocky alarm.

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7. Samsung Gear VR Headset

Virtual Reality allows you to enjoy watching media like you’ve never before. Since the gear latches to the upper part of the face and the lens allow for magnifying look into the content, you get to feel as a though you are in the content.

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Bonus Gadget:

Washing Machine

Get all your laundry done with minimal effort. Washing machines are increasingly getting cheaper, so instead of wasting so much time on laundry, get one and save your time for other productive activities.

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  1. Asah says

    Mtcheww.. Na only PowerBank person fit afford here. If that’s what it takes, I don’t want to be a techy

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