10 Best Android Keyboards in 2019

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In this article, we will be talking about the best Android keyboards you can download to improve your typing or writing skills. To many Android users, the default keyboard that comes with their phone is just enough for them to type and chat while to some people especially me, we want more fun while typing and customization of our keyboard.

There are lots of them to choose from, from AI Type Keyboard to swift keyboard, you will never go wrong using any one of them.

1. AI Type Keyboard

Type keyboard has always been one of the best Android keyboards, the developer recently added the trending AI feature to make it even better. The AI helps in prediction, auto-complete and cute emojis, it also has a lot of keyboard customization. You get to choose from over a 1,000 themes to personalize your typing experience as well.


2. Smart Keyboard

With the name, you’ll know immediately what the keyboard is all about. The keyboard helps you in making auto-correct and predictions of words to help you type faster. You also get the basic experience just like a typical keyboard, like emojis and other features. It’s free to use, but the full package comes with a price.


3. Fleksy

This keyboard has a classy name and very popular on the Google Play Store. It comes with the basic keyboard features like swiping, gesture controls and themes. It supports both GIF and meme as well. Although some of the premium themes cost money, but you can skip that and enjoy the app.


4. Gboard

This is Google’s official stock keyboard and what you might be using now by default. The keyboard is also one of the best Android keyboards no doubt, boasting of features like auto-correction, multi-lingual typing and various customization as well. One of its unique features is the built-in Google Search. Tiu can also search for GIF, perform voice typing and Google Translate. It’s free as well.


5. Simple Keyboard

Another totally free keyboard on the list, Simple Keyboard is very simple, minimal and easy to use. It comes with a few customization settings and themes, making it lightweight. This is perfect for those looking for a light keyboard app that has quality features. It has no ads, no premium version nor in-app purchases, totally free.


6. Grammarly

Grammarly is known as a Chrome extension that helps you correct your grammar as you’re typing. It now has its own keyboard and it’s completely free to use. The keyboard has evolved from just checking your grammar, it now checks your spelling as well as punctuation. The app is new to the Google Play Store, so expect lots of updates.


7. Multiling O Keyboard

If most of your friends you chat with speak different languages, then it’s time you download this app. It supports over 200 languages, apart from that, it’s just a normal keyboard with the basic features as well. It boasts of gesture typing, keyboard resizing and re-positioning, themes, emoji and various layouts.


8. Typany Keyboard

This keyboard is somewhat new to the Play Store but we love its features and interface. It’s very easy to use and comes with tons of themes, stickers, emoji and lots more. Just like other keyboards listed above, you also get predictions, auto-correction and various keyboard layouts as well. The good thing is it’s totally free to use.


9. Minuum Keyboard

Minuum Keyboard is a unique keyboard that lets you do some cool stuff you won’t find on any other keyboard. The keyboard is very configurable and has a mini-mode that makes the keyboard about as tall as your thumbnail. It also has machine learning, that lets you swipe to get words fast. After a 30 day trial, it costs just $3.99.


10. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is definitely one of the best Android keyboards. It’s totally free to use but has in-app purchases if you want premium features. It has an amazing prediction and auto-correction ability with gesture typing as well. It also has quite a number of themes but most of them cost money.



These are the best Android keyboards right now if you want to get a new feel and change your keyboard. These apps boast cool and premium features.


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  1. swiftkey keyboard gets the job done for me on my tecno spark, i know a times the auto correct can be frustrating but it is more of a help than a nuisance .

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