How to Mirror Your Android Screen to PC Without Root

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In this post, we will be looking at how you can easily mirror your Android screen to PC without root. No matter how perfect your smartphone is, there’s one thing it’s lacking, a big screen. A big screen will always make smartphones bow in the presence of TV and PC. Big screens are ideal when it comes to watching movies or playing games.

No doubt, phones are getting bigger, just like the Mi Max 3 with its 6.9-inch screen. But your PC obviously has a bigger screen and it’s not surprising if you want to enjoy gaming or videos on your Android device and see it on your PC as well. If you have eye problems, you can also mirror your Android device to PC to read messages clearly. Below is how to mirror your Android screen to PC without root.

There are so many ways to actually achieve this, but we will be making use of the Vysor Android App/Vysor Chrome Extension.

What is Vysor?

Vysor is an Android Application and a Google Chrome Plug-in/Extension that helps you mirror your Android screen to your TV without root access on your Android device. Yes, you can also mirror your Android screen to your PC and control your Android phone from the Vysor Chrome Extension in the Google Chrome app. You can install the app from the Google Play store for free, the Chrome Extension is also free to install on your Google Chrome browser.

Mirror Your Android Screen To PC Without Root

Before we proceed further, have you installed the Vysor App For Android? Download Here

Also, download the Vysor Extension/Plug-in, then Enable USB Debugging by following the steps below.

• Go to Settings

• Developer Options

• Toggle USB Debugging Mode ON

Can’t find Developer Options in Settings? Don’t worry, follow the alternate steps below.

• Go to Settings

• About Phone

• Look for the build number and click on it severally till you see the “you’re now a developer” notification.

• Go back to Settings Menu to see the developer options.

• Connect your Android device to PC using a USB Cable.

• Open the Vysor Plug-in/Extension on your Google Chrome and Click on Find Devices.

• When your device shows up, Click on it to connect to it.

• You will receive a notification to Allow USB Debugging on your Android phone, allow it by clicking “OK”.

• You will receive another notification on both your PC and Android phone telling your that Vysor has Connected both devices.

• Click on OK.


You can now mirror your Android screen to PC without root through the above steps. All the things on your Android device should appear on the PC now. How do you feel?


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