Best Android Mirror Cast Apps in 2018


Are you looking for the best Android Mirror Cast apps? Then you’re on the right page. These days, we all love bigger display and OEMs are giving it to us. However, a smartphone can’t be bigger than a TV, and at some point we will want to project everything that goes on our smartphone screen to a bigger television one.

To achieve that, you need to know the best Android Mirror Cast apps. The apps are designed to take whatever is happening on your small smartphone screen and project it to a bigger display. This will let you enjoy content that is already on your smartphone but on a bigger screen. Below are the best Android Mirror Cast apps.

Best Android Mirror Cast Apps

1. AllCast

AllCast is one of the best Android Mirror Cast apps and compatible with majority of devices. From Chromecast to Amazon FireTV and from Apple TV to Roku, it is the perfect fit to help deliverer images and videos from your smartphone to a bigger screen without hassles. As long as your smartphone allows mirror casting, select the device that you need to connect to and that’s it. Download on play store here

2. AllConnect

This app is more than a Mirror Cast app, it has the ability to immediately stream your favorite movies, photos and music to a number of devices easily just like that. Another good thing about this app is that it’s compatible with a lot of different devices which includes numerous smart TVs from different manufacturers, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and lots more. Download on play store here

3. LocalCast for Chromecast

Best Android Mirror Cast Apps

This is perfect for those who have Chromecast attached to their TV. Although it is not only compatible with Chromecast, it supports quite a number of different smart TVs like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and even Nexus Player. However, some exclusive features only works with Chromecast. Download on play store here

4. Cast to TV

Does exactly as the name says. Even though it’s kinda a new app, it comes with some quality features then most Cast apps. It lets you cast all local, music, images, videos to Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Xbox One, Smart TVs, Chromecast and even DLNA Devices. You don’t have to worry about support, it supports a wide variety of devices. Download on play store here

5. iMediaShare

Instantly share all your media with this app. If you want all your photos, music and videos instantly available on your TV or a sound system, then you need to download this app. It lets you do all this without needing cables or wires, because that can be really annoying. Download on play store here


These are the best Android Mirror Cast apps right now. Although, most older TVs don’t come with built-in mirror cast technology. If that’s the case, then you have to use an external mirror cast enabled device.

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