How To Borrow Data On Airtel Network


If you really want to know how to borrow data on Airtel Network then you’re on the right page. In this post we will be showing you how you can easily borrow data, yes, you can borrow data on Airtel. The codes to do that are listed below, but you have to know there are terms and conditions. You have to be eligible before you can borrow data on Airtel. You can try our the codes below.

Codes to Borrow Data On Airtel Network

If you want to borrow data on Airtel then you need to dial *500#, *121# or 14495. Of course, terms and conditions apply and you have to be fully eligible before getting the data. Before you can borrow airtime from any network, you have to be qualified.

Once you dial the code, you can follow the prompts till you’re able to borrow your preferred data. Right now, you can borrow 10MB for N50, 50MB for N100 and 200MB for N200. However, it might be higher depending on your previous data usage.

How To Know If You’re Qualified To Borrow Data on Airtel

  • You have to be an active subscriber on Airtel for at least 3 months or (90 days).
  • You also need to be regularly loading airtime on your AIRTEL line and buying data.
  • Your SIM must have been registered for up to 3 months already.
  • Make sure there isn’t any unpaid Auto Credit airtime.
  • You will receive a 15% service charge. That means if you request for N200 credit, your phone will be credited with N170 while N30 goes to Airtel as service charge.


This is how to borrow data on Airtel Network. Let us know below if it works for you.

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