How to Delete Browsing History on Android Google Chrome

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Learn how to delete browsing history on Android. As usual, Google always keeps track of the websites you visit on your Android device. But there’s a way you can easily delete those records and stop people from knowing what you have been doing on the internet. It’s all about privacy and it’s important to delete the records especially if you always use Chrome.

I mean, we all use Chrome at some point, some sites load better when we use Chrome. However, you might want to be a little more discreet and delete all your browsing records. People do this when friends or family might check their phones. If you visit adult sites or researching a mystery ailment then you need to know how to delete browsing history as well.

If that data and browsing history get to the wrong hands you might not like it. That’s why it’s good to delete browsing history on Chrome and other browsers you like using to research personal things or visiting a private website. Without further ado, let’s see how to delete browsing history on Android.

How To Delete Your Phone Browsing History on Chrome

• Launch Google Chrome

• Click on the three dots icon at the top right corner

Delete Browsing History on Android Google Chrome

• Tap “Settings”

• Select “Privacy”

• Scroll down to and select ‘Clear browsing data’

• Tap “Clear data”

All the three options listed in the settings are preselected by default but double-check ‘Browsing history’. You can also use the drop-down next to ‘Time Range’ to specify a time period, either ‘All Time’ or the ‘Last Hour’, ‘Day’, ‘Week’ or ‘Month’.


This is how to delete browsing history on Android, particularly Chrome. Other browsers might have various methods to how to do that. Hope it worked? Let us know by using the comment section below.


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