10 Best Printer apps for Android in 2019

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The invention of smartphone phones has made our life easier, as many things that were done through the desktop computer can easily be achieved on a smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones can do virtually almost everything. You can use your smartphone to make calls, video calls, snap pictures etc.

Even as a student, you can use your smartphone to print your assignments, documents etc. Before now, you will need a PC to scan your document or print it. But with the advancement in technology, all these things can now be done with your phone. You can use your phone to print your documents if you have a wireless Wi-Fi, a network of Bluetooth printer. This article is going to focus on the ten best printer apps for Android that you can use as a student. These apps can be used from anywhere once you learn how they work. Below are the 10 best printer Apps for Android.

Best Printer Apps for Android


Mobile Print

One of the oldest printer apps among the best printer apps for Android on this list with a little bit outdated user interface. It is a mobile app that allows you to print anything from your Android device without having any issues. It is easy to use. It can connect over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With this app, you can even print your call logs along with any other thing from your phone. It supports web page, documents, contacts, SMS, MMS printing. Another unique feature about it is that it supports printing from cloud storage.


One of the free printer apps that you can use for your printing. It allows you to print via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB connection. This app will give you lots of options to print your document. The only disadvantage of using this app is that the app shows Ads. But one good thing about the app is that the Ads do not in any way affect the look of your document. But before you try the app, always check if the app supports your printer.


Instead of connecting your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to a printer, this app will allow you to connect your printer to the Google cloud. Cloud printing could be available in the app that you downloaded or it could be available in your operating system. Cloud printing comes with most stock android devices. This app helps you to keep tracks of your jobs. All that is needed from you is to configure your phone to work with the service. You can use this app to print your documents, photos etc.



Like the name sounds, this app combines both printing and scanning.  This makes the app unique as you might need to scan some documents while working in the office and you will have to use the scanner from this app. It is one of my favourites among the best printer apps for Android in 2018. The scanner might not be all that good like the normal phone scanner but the scanner can be able to capture some few documents.



This app is one of the most popular best printer apps for Android as it enables you to print documents from your device wirelessly. The printer also supports some popular cloud storage services that enable you to print your document easily. You can use this app to print your documents, web page, photos etc. With this app, you can still print document sent to you via email.  You can still be able to print captured documents with this app.


This is one of the printer apps that you can use to print your documents. It allows you to print digital files from your Android device. The only disadvantage in using it is that it supports only some selected Samsung printers. The app comes with a good user interface and it allows you to discover supported networks around you. The app also allows you to print documents from cloud-based services like OneDrive, Evernote and Dropbox.


Most people mistake this as cloud printing. Cloud print plus is different from cloud printing. Cloud print plus supports google cloud print services. So, you can use this App to print from your smartphone without using your PC. You can use it to print documents, photos etc.

PrintHand Mobile Print

If you are looking for an that app gives you control over the documents that you want to print, PrintHand is one of the best printer apps for Android you can use. This printer app allows you to do paper size customization, switching of colours for your documents etc. It also supports cloud printing services. You can use it to print documents from your email.

HP Smart (Printer Remote)

HP Smart (Printer Remote)- Best Printer apps for Android

This app is meant for HP printers. If you have Wi-Fi enabled hp printer, you can try this app and use it to print your documents remotely. It is an excellent printer app you can use because it works perfectly with your HP printer. Always make sure that your printer is compatible with it as it does not work on all printers. However, it still one of the best printer apps for Android you can download.


This app allows you to print files from Wi-Fi enabled printers from different manufacturers. It supports so many file formats e.g.; doc, .docx, xls, .xlsx, and so on. Also, it allows you to print txt files from your SD card.  It also allows you to print images from your albums. You can try this app.

You can use these apps to print your documents. Remember that not all of these apps work with all smartphones so if any of these apps does not work for you, you can try another one. I hope that this article is helpful to you. Drop your comments below….


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