5 Best City-Building Games for Android

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City Builders have found their way into the hearts of several Android phone users due to their easy yet challenging nature. They are among the most popular and cherished genres in the world, offering game enthusiasts unlimited city-building games where they will construct and manage their personal, dream-like villages, towns or cities from scratch.

Today, we will be exploring fascinating features of the 5 best city-building games for Android mobile phones.

Best City-Building Games for Android

SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt

This gaming app lets you design an attractive and vibrant city. It grows in complexity as more citizens enter the city, and it’s your job to ensure they are happy. SimCity BuildIt has a number of unique features, one of which is its online multiplayer mode, allowing you to compete with other players and earn rewards. You can create every building using futuristic vision and plan it judiciously, in a bid to make sure that there is a constant tax level. You are also allowed to rotate the City 3600 and zoom in/out on certain areas to familiarize yourself with it.

Designer City 2: City Building

Designer City 2: City Building

Playing Designer City 2: City Building is a great way to have fun as it allows you construct beautiful, photo-realistic buildings in a massively large map. You can play it online or offline, and even monitor your stats to view your performance. The game pits you against friends as you play competitively against them to clinch the top spot in multiple leaderboards. The riveting city builder puts you in charge of designing and nurturing a self-sustainable city. Such city will be attractive to residents, make them employed, and keep them in a happy mood. You will also be charged with managing the city’s power as well as water supplies, and cultivating the land for food production.

Block Craft 3D – Building Simulator

Block Craft 3D - Building Simulator

This 3D game — one of the most fascinating city-building simulators on Play Store —allows you construct any structure and object of your choice, such as a great house designed with various materials; ships; different items of furniture;  and key landmarks. It became popular owing to its similarity to Minecraft or perhaps due to the fact it gives players a lot of fun and is not all that difficult to play.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Released in 2015, Fallout Shelter is regarded as one of the leading house-building games. It is a multiple award winner with an amazing gameplay. Playing it comes with loads of fun as you can send the Dwellers, which are sited on the surface above, to go on an adventure, giving them an opportunity to loot necessary items back. And you must ensure the residents don’t lose their life throughout their stay on the surface, so you have to protect them from every kind of dangers and make sure they don’t come into harm’s way at all.

City Island 3

City Island 3

This game is a sequel to the famous city-building game, developed by Sparkling Society. It features an intuitive gameplay with the main task for playing it being that you have to maintain balance and stay creative as the story unfolds. You can design and upgrade amazing islands with the aid of the 150 various items available. City Island 3 offers you many fun quests for creating a utopia with anything you want.


As regards the 5 best city-building games for Android, these are our top picks. The apps are interesting ways to enjoy riveting gaming experience as you build your favourite, as you complete a series of fun quests.


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  1. Sims is one of the most played city building game which is played all over the world. There are lots of other game which you can play in place of sims. Sims is actually a very big game which you can download from play store.

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