Best Open World Games For Android and iOS Devices

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Open World games are games which offer the player a certain amount of freedom to roam about while fulfilling its objectives unlike the boxed up and invisible wall kind of games. Open World games are most daring and challenging. These kinds of games introduce you to a whole new dimension.

Open World games are mostly adventure and arcade games which are time-consuming. They always promise to be full of fun and most captivating. Be sure to eat before starting one because you might end up not eating till you overcome it daring modes and stages.

Best Open World Games For Android and iOS Devices

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas-best open world games

This is one hell of a game and definitely one of the best open world games. It is one of the best gangster game you can ever find. Its storyline is equally compelling and captivating as you might end up spending lots of time playing it. The controls are also superb. There are great missions and challenges to complete. This Open World Game is no doubt the best among them all.


This is an interesting Open World Game that features lots of intriguing challenges and missions. It involves fighting and if possible taming down huge and scary monsters or aliens in a faraway land filled with high tech and innovations. You can also improve and create sophisticated weapons which you would use in making defeating these Aliens. This game is simply fantastic.


best open world games

This game starts out beautifully and very simple until you start moving up the ladder of its complexity. At the beginning of the game, you will have to prevent yourself from being hit by whacking at moving zombies and flying eyes. This game is captivating and tantalizing as it makes you want more of it. As one of the best open world games, I’m afraid you would have to spend more time on it than you have actually budgeted.

Odd World: Stranger’s Wrath

This game allows you to be a bounty hunter whose objective is to hunt down animals. The game has a nice storyline and great graphics which can be tuned to fit your device for smooth running. Its controls are highly adaptive and user-friendly. This can be an addictive game, so we suggest you play it only whenever you are free.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

Explore different planets and worlds in this very combative game. There are also extra missions and challenges which you can complete if you have what it takes. Its storyline is well established with different options to choose from in the conversation. Take up the challenge and be formidable in this exciting game.

GTA: Chinatown Wars

GTA Chinatown Wars

This version of GTA is highly intriguing and thrilling. It ranks high among the best open world games. It also features a local multiplayer option which triggers new events. Its graphics are eye-catching and also available in HD devices. Compelling storyline and events pop out in making the game much more interesting. It is one of the best Open World Game ever developed.

There you have it, our top best open world games for Android and iOS devices. Which one of these games are you currently playing?


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