How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone XS Max


In this how-to article, we will discuss tips for using Apple Pay on your iPhone XS Max. With Apple Play, making payment for products and services in stores, taxis, restaurants, within apps, vending machines, and online has never been easier, more private, and more secure.

The option works on iPhone XS Max just like it does on other iPhones, but there are 2 exceptions. What is the first one? The Home button is not available on the XS Max so you have to use the Side button for bringing it up. The second exception is that Touch ID is not featured on this mobile device so you have to use Face ID for authorizing it. Based on your workflow, that will either engender almost no change for you, or quite a huge change. Read on to learn how Apple Pay works on iPhone XS Max.

How to Make Payment with Apple Pay on iPhone XS Max at Retail

If you want to make use of the Apple Pay tool on your iPhone XS Max at retail stores, such as coffee eateries, shops, pharmacies, and so on, the process is very similar to doing the same thing on any other iPhone. However, in the case of the XS Max, you need to substitute the Home button for the Side button and Touch ID for the Face ID.

These are the steps you should take to get these done:

  • Start by double-clicking the Side button for bringing up Apple Pay
  • The next step is to look at your iPhone XS Max for authenticating with Face ID
  • Then, if you desire to use a different card other than your default, you can switch cards
  • Lastly, tap the XS Max to the pay terminal, or simply bring it close to you

From here onward, everything gets processed in a similar manner.

Can You First Tap the Terminal and then Utilize Face ID for Authorizing Apple Pay on Your iPhone XS Max?

No. If you first tap the terminal, you will still see the interface info that will ask you to double-click the Side button twice for initiating the Apple Pay option. That step is done for establishing your intent.

Otherwise, a person with bilking tendencies that has a beacon or skimmer could walk around and try to trick you into a data capture or a transaction while you are looking at your smartphone. If you are wont to first tapping the terminal, followed by authorizing with Touch ID so as to save yourself a double-click, you will need to change to the first method of double-clicking.

How to Make Payment with Apple Pay on Your iPhone XS Mas On-Device

Both Apple Pay in-app or on the web share a number of similarities with each other, though the experience does have slight variations from one app to other, from one website to the other. Here are the steps to take to carry out these activities:

  • Add your purchases and proceed to your bag or checkout
  • Then, hit the “Buy with Apple Pay”option and/or Apple Pay “Pay” option
  • You should now double-click the Side button
  • To authenticate with Face ID, look at your iPhone XS Max

From here onward, everything gets processed in a similar manner.

How to Make Payment with Apple Pay on Your iPhone XS Max if Face ID Doesn’t Recognize You

If, for any reason(s), Face ID is not able to authenticate you, these are the alternative steps for authentication you can take:

  • First tap the “Pay with Passcode” option
  • Then, input your Passcode
  • Lastly, tap your mobile device to the pay terminal, or simply bring it close to you

Do you have any questions, comments, or tips about how to use Apple Pay on iPhone XS Max? Please, state them in the comments below.

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