Organize Your Small Business with Google Docs


Are you a small business or startup and looking for inexpensive ways to keep your business organized and manage your business productivity all in one?

This article discusses the features and benefits of the popular productivity software from Google. Keep reading tolearn how you can get your business more organized by using Google Docs.

Introducing Google Docs

Google Docs is a productivity-centric office suite created by Google. Docs include free word processing software with embedded styling tools and templates to enhance the appearance of your professional documents. Google Docs integrates seamlessly with Sheets, Forms, and Slides which provide for a total business management solution for your important documents.

Keep track of numerical business data in an easy to browse and search format using Google Sheets. Collect client data, information, demographics, and other important details using Google Forms. Present important product data and prepare to close that next deal by dazzling your clients with high-resolution images shared using Google Slides.

Complete Small Business Management

Google Docs is a total small business management solution that allows business owners to create, organize, and collaborate on important business documents with colleagues and clients in real time. The best part of this free power packed software is that is completely free to use.

Google Docs has easy to use templates built-in that help to inspire your creativity or to generate a quick document on the go with just a few quick customizations.

With Google Docs you can access your documents anywhere that you have the app installed or via a desktop computer. Access your documents on your phone, tablet or computer even when there is no connection to view, edit, and collaborate on shared documents in real time.

Management for Teams and Multiple Users

When accessing your important documents both on and offline, it is important to remember to always use secure hardware and software that keeps your data safe from theft and loss. Secure User Access Management software providers like Centrify offer solutions for keeping your data safe across many platforms.

Google Docs has a built-in collaboration feature that allows multiple users to connect and manage the same document while being logged in from distributed locations. Many corporations and enterprise level businesses are learning the value of using Google Docs to help manage and to collaborate with members of distributed workforce teams.

One of the best features of Google Docs is the auto-save feature. The built-in autosave feature automatically saves your progress as you type so that you never have to worry about having another lost document again. Google Docs can open, edit, and save documents and data from various apps including Microsoft Word documents and PDF’s.

Connect With Google’s Entire Suite of Apps

If you’re a Google Docs user then you’re likely connected to use more than one Google service. Google Docs has a handy feature that incorporates the functions of some of their best apps right into the Google Docs framework.

Google Calendar – The Google Calendar function is built right into the Google Docs user interface and allows for scheduling and managing your important appointments from within the app.

Google Keep – Keep is another handy Google app that operates within the Google Docs interface. Share and import notes that have been saved and shared from other users and devices and open them right inside of the Google Docs application with ease to integrate your documents.

Google Tasks – Create quick tasks and reminders without having to leave the Google Docs interface from right inside your document. Schedule important tasks and reminders and invite other users to collaborate with you on your new tasks from within your existing documents.

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