Top 5 New Backyard Games to Play with Your Kids


Family bonding creates joy and strengthens the unity between you and your children. There are various ways you can bond with your family especially through thrilling activities that will need you to work as a team or compete against each other.

Weekends offer the best chance for families to bond and be with each other and to know how your kids and spouses have been faring all week. Quality time spent with your family is not time lost at all. Backyard spaces in most homes are left idle and in most instances grass overgrows in the areas for being bare. The backyard is an ideal space for you to play and make merry with your kids. If you are a fun of playing with your kids on weekends, there are new games that can make your gaming time with your kids a weekend treat.

1. Backyard Obstacle Course

Your whole family can take part in this game. To begin, you have to gather items you have around the house and make a course to test your skills in a friendly competition. To make it interesting and non intimidating for your child, you pick items and chose obstacles that match the child’s intelligence. Do not be mean to your child, let them win more rounds.

2. Yard Twister

This game is simple and fun to play and it offers a good opportunity to tangle with your family. You have to spray paint circles into the grass in your yard and play by matching the colors you touch. The fantastic thoughts put in creating the basics of the game make it an ideal for you and your kids. You can also find other games of similar excitement at Gaming Weekender. The game is ideal for birthday or summer parties as well as a superb weekend activity for the family.

3. Recycled Bottle Bowling

You can turn your backyard into a bowling alley with recycled bottles crafted to fit the game of bowling from Moonfrye. You add some paint to some bottles which you rescue from the dust bins or lying around and as soon as they dry, you can play the game whenever you feel like. This instills the culture of recycling and taking care of the environment for your kids.

4. Oversize Memory Game

This game is just like its traditional type, but the only difference is the new type has become bigger. To play the game, you take a minimum of ten sheets and draw the matching numbers and symbols, then cut them each in half. Once you are done, take them to the backyard and face down to take turns guessing and matching them.

5. Hula Blockers

Hula blocker is simple yet fun for the children and the entire family. The only trick with getting on with the game is the few hula hoops and bean bags. The few changes made to the older version are it can now involve many players at once and is a new trend for young families. The backyard space gives you the liberty to toss the bean bag and hoop into the other while the other runs to prevent the bean bag from being hooped.

There are a variety of new games which you can adopt in your backyard space to make the little time available for you to bond with your kid, a marvel. You do not have to be concerned about space as your backyard will do the trick for you in giving you enough space for playing.

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