How to Activate Ntel 500% Wawu Data Reloaded Plan with N2k for 6GB

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So after more than 5months of the Ntel Selfcare Portal being down, they’ve revised the Ntel Wawu plan as that was reportedly the reason as to why they had to take down the Selfcare Portal. This was due to the number of customers they got, thanks to their super cheap data and super fast internet connection which I guess overwhelm them. Even after the revised Wawu plan, the Self-care Portal is still yet to come back online and even the App is still not functioning as at the time of writing this. However, the revised plan has taken effect already and can be activated.

How to Activate Ntel 500% Wawu Data Reloaded Plan with N2k for 6GB

The new plan has seen noticeably huge cut down in the amount of data offered compared to the former data plans but nonetheless, it’s good. The new plan also offers a 500% bonus on all purchased Ntel wawu plans. The newly revised plan is as follows.

Ntel 500% Wawu Plans

  • Name: Wawu2000
  • Price: N2000
  • Original Data: 2GB
  • Bonus Data: 4GB
  • Total Data: 6GB
  • Validity: 7 Days

Ntel 500% Wawu Plans

  • Name: Wawu4000
  • Price: N4000
  • Original Data: 4GB
  • Bonus Data: 12GB
  • Total Data: 16GB
  • Validity: 7 Days

Ntel 500% Wawu Plans

Name: Wawu8500
Price: N8500
Original Data: 9GB
Bonus Data: 36GB
Total Data: 45GB
Validity: 14 Days

Ntel 500% Wawu Plans

Name: Wawu10000
Price: N10,000
Original Data: 16GB
Bonus Data: 80GB
Total Data: 98GB
Validity: 14 Days

All Wawu plans also have an 8k/s call rate for national calls. These new Wawu plans are available for both the new and existing customers so you don’t need to get a new Wawu SIM if you already have one. The dates on the data plans are also shorter than expected as there is obviously no monthly plan, just a week and two weeks plan. We reached out to an Ntel representative and they confirmed that they are working on the date issue. Probably make the existing plan validity longer or release a totally new monthly plan ? We’ll have to wait and see.

How to Activate Ntel 500% Wawu Data Plans

As you may or may not know, the Ntel Selfcare Portal, as well as the App, isn’t back up which is one of the easiest ways to subscribe for any of the Ntel Plans. However, you can subscribe by reaching out to them via any of their social media channels after recharge your line with the required amount via Quick-teller. You’ll need to send both your number and the particular subscription you want. Next is to give them a little bit of time to activate it which might take longer than expected.

You can also walk into any of their branches and request for the subscription to be activated on your line by providing your Ntel phone number and paying for the subscription you want which, in most cases, is usually instantaneous. These are currently the only two ways to subscribe for the Wawu plan as the other two methods (website and app) are currently inactive. However, if and when the Selfcare Portal and App come back up, we’ll be here to let you know.


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