Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS in 2019

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Have you ever thought of how you would look like if you interchange your face with someone else’s face?  Well, that is what face swapping is all about.

Face swapping is popular on social media and is simply the act of interchanging someone else’s face with another person’s.  An ugly face can be interchanged with a beautiful face, it is what it is and is fun on social media.

If you are thinking of how to do face swap,  you can do exactly that with your Android smartphone through some of the Best Face Swap Apps on Android and iOS. There are a lot of face swap apps on the Google Play Store for Android and Apple App store for iOS that’ll swap your face for another person’s face in the same photo. The fact that one can do this on a smart is just mind-blowing and the results are often hilarious. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started.

Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS


Starting off the list is Snapchat; a popular social media platform and is also one of the best Face Swap Apps on Android and iOS. Snapchat needs no introduction as it is widely known and chances are, you might already have Installed the app. Snapchat is known for its crazy amount of filters and edits for both photos and videos. Well, if you don’t already know, Snapchat also has the face swap Feature which works for both photos and videos.

To do this, you’ll have to launch the Snapchat app and head to the front-facing camera section. Now tap on your face so Snapchat can analyse your face then swipe to the face swap option and the face swap will begin which will be in real-time with anybody in the photo or video being recorded. You can also do this for a photo or video you already have in your gallery. After face swapping, you can save the finished work to your phone.

Face Swap

Face Swap

As the name suggests, Face Swap is a simplistic app that does what it says. That is letting you able to swap your face with someone else’s face. The app includes auto-detection of faces but it generally failed to work for us, so you will have to manually select the faces. If you can keep some patience and select the face properly, the face swap should come out great but if you are impatient like us, you will be disappointed by the results. And did we mention the annoying ads?


Cupace is among the Best Face Swap Apps available on Android and isn’t available for iOS. The app is a pretty good photo editor app but unfortunately, it can’t be used to edit videos. The primary function of this app isn’t swapping of faces in a photo but to cut out a certain part of an image and add it to another image, thereby creating a funny photo. With this app, you can cut, let’s say a head of someone in another picture and use it to replace a friend’s head in your picture to create a funny photo. Overall, it’s a good app for not only face swapping but for swapping other body parts with it’s easy to use interface and Features.

Download Cupace For Android

Face Swap By Microsoft

Face Swap by Microsoft is a pretty nice Face Swap app and definitely Among of my best face Swap apps. Asides from being able to face swap your face with other pictures in your gallery roll, you can download other people’s photos from the internet and swap out there face for yours. So if you want to like anyone, all you have to do is get that person’s picture and your picture and then let the app do it’s Magic. It will also change the person’s skin tone to match your once you swap the face. Unfortunately, there is no video editing here, just photos.

Face Swap By Weather Radar Forecast

Face Swap by weather radar forcast

Face Swap By Weather Radar Forecast is a simplistic face swap app that comes with a bunch of faces of both animals and Humans. You also swap faces with as many people in a photo. Let’s say you have a group photo, you can swap out all the faces of the people in the photo for just one face so everyone in the photo has one face. In addition to the existing faces, it comes with, you can also add new faces by crop one out of any photo you have in your gallery. Also, this app is not available for iOS but definitely one of the Best Face Swap Apps on Android.

Download Face Swap By Weather Radar Forecast for Android

There are also other apps on Google Play store that you can use to swap faces in videos and photos but none of those come close to these on this list in terms of features and ease of use. There may be other new ones we do not of, but listed above is our Best Face Swap Apps on Android and iOS. Lemme which is your best Face Swap app


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