How Cell Phones Could Distract Students from Essay Writing


Scientists can not yet prove that mobile phones lead to irreversible consequences for the human brain, but agree that modern gadgets are addictive and lead to depression. Besides, smartphones often distract their owners, which leads to a severe decrease in performance during the day. Cell phones seriously decrease students abilities in terms of professional essay writing as well. Read about that and more cell-phone-related threats in our article.

Cell Phones Decrease Social Skills and Increase Stress

When using smartphones, your mood and even the rhythm of life is reduced, especially if you are among people. It distracts attention from surrounding people, as well as from the environment. As a result, cognitive abilities are reduced in terms of dating and communicating with other people. Often this leads to a further complete withdrawal from society and increases the likelihood that you will be alone with yourself, locked up in four walls.

Cell Phones Harm Memory

Smartphones are an excellent device to capture the best and most memorable moments of our life. But sometimes they are to blame for the fact that we forget something. The thing is that we rely entirely on our electronic devices when we need to remember something, and we don’t even try to memorize something ourselves. Thus, these special moments of ours become more associated with digital photos that are stored on an electronic memory card than with our real internal memories.

Cell Phones Harm Your Logic

Today it is incredibly convenient – just to ask Google about what you want to know and in one click get an answer for almost any question. But the fact that we rely excessively on the Internet in solving issues and problems has a very negative impact on us. Gordon Pennycook, doctor of cognitive psychology at the University of Waterloo, believes that over-reliance on the Internet has reduced mental performance, the ability to think logically and find the right answers on their own.

This is all because we are really very dependent on what the Internet gives out. Instead of reading or studying something and drawing analytical conclusions from it, we automatically assume that the answers given by the search engine are absolutely correct. Because of the addiction to smartphones, not only mental and psychological state suffers. Our physical condition also deteriorates.

The convenience of a smartphone simply deprives a number of physical actions that we must perform daily. Instead, we cultivate laziness and procrastination.

Stress, Stress and More Stress Again

A person is afraid to miss an important message or call, as a result, when viewing the next notification, stress hormones start to be produced, muscles contract and the heart begins to beat more often.

According to statistics, 89% of American students at least once complained that they were feeling a phantom call from their smartphone – it seemed to them that it was vibrating or ringing, although, in reality, this was not the case.

Another 86% of young Americans said they continuously check their accounts on social networks using a phone, which causes them stress. Endocrinologist Robert Lustig told Business Insider that notifications on a smartphone could really cause a state of stress and fear. Because of this state, the pre-frontal cortex, which is one of the most important parts of the human brain, is responsible for making decisions and planning actions, and is practically “turned off.”

“All this can lead to the fact that a person begins to commit stupid acts that can lead to unpleasant consequences,” the expert concluded.

In addition, scientists have found that being distracted by a smartphone, we completely disconnect from doing our current work.

According to statistics, 97.5% of the world’s population cannot boast of multitasking, which implies the effective implementation of several processes simultaneously.

Thus, when a person receives a notification and picks up a telephone in his hand to read the message, he is distracted. Separate time delays for switching from one type of activity to another last no more than a couple of tenths of a second, and do not bear serious consequences. However, if it occurs regularly throughout the day, such a switch “eats up” up to 40% of brain activity.

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