How to Download Music on iPhone X with the iTunes Store

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The iTunes is the official app for downloading music on iPhone X, XS, XR, XS Max, and every other Apple product. In this article, you will be given simple and straight steps to downloading music on your iPhone X. Since the release of the shiny notched iPhone X, many users have replaced their old iPhones and Android with brand new iPhone X, XS, XR, and XS Max. Irrespective of the switch, it is fairly normal that you want to know how to download music on your iPhone X with and without the iTunes store.

Actually, there are several ways to download music on your iPhone X. When it comes purchasing music on your device, you can always do that by re-downloading. iTunes also makes it possible for you to download music from your computer to the iPhone.

Nonetheless, you should be reminded that when downloading music to your iPhone X via your iTunes, it is possible to have all your previous shows, books, songs, movies and more erased.

How to Download Music on iPhone X with the iTunes Store

When downloading music on your iPhone X with iTunes, it is possible to have all existing media synchronized from your iTunes library erased. This includes books, movies, songs, et cetera. This is a very straight forward and simple way of downloading music on the iPhone X.

  • Connect your iPhone X into your PC using the original USB cord
  • The computer will instantly recognise your iPhone X and automatically launch iTunes
  • You will find the iPhone logo under Devices. This is located on the left screen in iTunes. Click on the logo. And click on the Music tab in iTunes
  • Check the Sync Music box. You will find a message that pops out saying existing moves, music, books and shows would be erased from your iPhone X.
  • Click remove and sync to continue.
  • Choose ‘entire music library’ in order to have all your iTunes music on your iPhone X
  • Choose ‘selected playlists, artists, and genres’ to add specific playlists or artists to the iPhone X
  • Click the ‘sync’ button and you will find the selected music on your iPhone X.

Final Words

The iTunes Store houses millions of songs and several world-class artists. It is a very good platform for downloading music. You can find just any song you are looking for.

More so, the iTunes store is designed and fully owned by Apple. This makes the experience of downloading music on iPhone X seamless.


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