How to Quieten your Generator


I hope You’ll agree with me when I say;

The most disturbing issue of owning a generator is noise that emanates, which especially makes an environment polluted and unpleasant to the ears.

Depending on the generator model, the decibel output varies making some models noisier than others. So is their a respite to eliminate sound or at the very least lessen it?

Well, yes there are quieter inverter generators that operate silently without charring. However, they tend to have a steep price that’s justified by its portability and operation. Conventional models tend to benoisier and thus you’ll need to dampen or make it run quieter.

In this article, I will share with you some simple tips and tricks you can use to make your generator run smoothly.

How to Make a Generator Quieter

Sound Deflectors

If you are camping with your generator and the noise becomes unbearable, installing sound deflectors will save you a whole lot of gripe. As the name implies provides a barrier that deflects sound. Thus, the decibel is reduced to a minimum and so that you can have the quiet you deserve.

However, it is not wrong to point out the flaws as they are found to be unsustainable in the long run. You should pick a model that has an acceptable decibel output.

Build an enclosure for your generator

An enclosure is a box-like structure which is made to contain sound of the generator. There are many DIY methods of building an enclosure. Simply ensure the base of the structure is made of concrete, and the surrounding wall is made of insulators like wood, or brick.

There should be adequate space between the generator and enclosure for proper ventilation. Also, it is advised to keep enclosures some feet away from the house.

Replace the muffler on the generator

If you’ve tried all the methods above without positive result, then replacing your muffler may be the best solution. Don’t try to change your muffler just now.

While small pipes and exhaust can cause significant increase in sound, changing the muffler to a bigger model would help temper the sound.

 Moving the exhaust pipes to a vertical position

Diverting sound noise could be achieved by positioning exhaust pipes in a vertical position. Most generators have their exhaust placed horizontally, changing this position to a vertical position will reduce theimpact and noise that comes from the exhaust.

Buy a quiet Generator

With many generator models on the market, coming in different sizes, build and price. There are nosy as well as silent models too. Considering the amount of work you need to put in when trying to make a generator quieter, it is cost effective to go for quieter models.

However, quiet generators command a steep fee compared to conventional models. Especially inverter generators on generatorswift, they are generally flexible and more eco-friendly as they emit less carbon dioxide.


Well done, if you’ve read thus far. Hopefully, this simple steps would help you make generators quieter. As I’ve said earlier, these tips will not reduce the noise output completely, but reduce the decibel considerably.

If you want a quiet generator, we advise potential buyers to get a silent inverter generator. For its worth, there’s no substitute.

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