WhatsApp latest update: You can only forward five messages at once Now


There is a rumour going online about WhatsApp charging fees for its services. The rumor has been making waves online for a couple of months now. Most people believe that it is true while others think that it is false. Well, WhatsApp has not said anything about the rumour. And the latest information now is about the forwarding messages which WhatsApp introduced some months ago. Users are allowed to forward messages to as many people as possible in their contact list.

But with the overflowing viral contents on the platform, WhatsApp has set a limit for all users across the globe. Users will only be able to forward only 5 messages at a time in the latest WhatsApp update. In a press release sent by email, WhatsApp explained:

All users on the latest version of WhatsApp can now forward only five messages at once to only five of there contacts which will help keep WhatsApp focused on private messaging with close contacts.

This is coming after mobs killed 25 victims that were apparently tied with a message that was spread through WhatsApp in India a few months ago. Most times, people receive fake messages like; fake jobs, free airline tickets, fake stories that generally cause panic through WhatsApp.

But WhatsApp has started addressing most of these issues. Most especially the spread of fake information through its platform. The platform is used by billions of people all over the world and as a result of that, most people take advantage of the platform to spread false and misleading information’s.  Most especially by people spamming WhatsApp accounts with fake news. Even scammers are not left behind. Most scammers now use the platform to woe their victims. But with the latest update, we hope that the spread of these fake information’s will reduce on the platform.

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