Xiaomi Foldable Phone Appears on Video , could be the best we have seen


It seems that Xiaomi wants to join the league of companies unveiling foldable devices. This time around, a new video of Xiaomi foldable phone has been seen online. In the Video, the company co-founder and president, Lin Bin is seen demonstrating it online on camera. It is not yet known if the video was intended to be released online or if it was mistakenly released online. But whatever the case might be, we have now seen how the Xiaomi foldable phone will look like.

The video below was first seen on Chinese network Weibo before it was later reposted on YouTube.

This same video seems to be the video that was tweeted by @vleaks earlier in the month. From the video, the device seems not to fold completely but rather folds backwards and has two creases. With the creases seen in the video, I think that Li Bin is only showing us the prototype of the device. A closer look at the device once it is fully opened will reveal that the device might have a 3:2 aspect ratio.

In the video, Bin can be seen folding the device backwards as he scrolls through the video App. The inter-phase of the device was able to show the correct display mode which people think that it involves a lot of works to achieve such on the software side with Android.

Even as the screen is folded back, we can see that the entire display stays on. Another thing that cut our eyes in this device is that the power button is seen at the “top” of the device when the device is held in portrait orientation.

There is still more to know about the device. As of now, we are yet to know when Xiaomi will unveil the device in the market. But with the creases and dents that was seen on the video, it seems that Xiaomi still has a lot of work to do before the device can be unveiled in the market.

What do you think about this video? Do you think that Xiaomi can achieve such a feat?


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